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Upper East Side station will triple cost to transfer waste: study

Disposing of trash at new facility at East 91st Street will cost $632M over next two decades
November 05, 2014 11:59AM

The proposed Upper East Side waste-transfer station would cost triple what the city currently pays to transport garbage through the borough, according to a study from the Independent Budget Office.

Moving garbage to New Jersey and Yonkers for incineration would cost $278 per ton through the controversial station, rather than $93 per ton, as it does now. Over the next 20 years, the city would pay $632 million to dispose of Manhattan’s trash with the new station at East 91st Street. The price tag now is $253 million.

“The per-ton export cost is higher under the MTS option due to the more costly multimodal method of transporting the waste from the transfer station to its final destination via barge and rail,” a spokesperson for the Independent Budget Office told the New York Post.

City Council member Ben Kallos of the Upper East Side requested the study in April.

Pledge 2 Protect, a coalition of nonprofits and local businesses, is among the city’s opponents to the plan. An Independent Budget Office analysis from 2012 found that the station is expected to cost the city about $554 million over two decades. [NYP] — Mark Maurer

  • chris

    what about the cost to the environment using trucks? What about the costs to our transportation infrastructure with heavily laden trucks?

    Poorly done report from the IBO IMHO.

    • KVNYC

      Directly trucking 15 mi to Newark vs trucking up to E 91st St from as far away as 14th St and Eighth Ave. Containerizing, barging to Staten Island, placed on train to Niagara, NY (400 mi) or Delaware where it is put back on trucks to Chester PA. You do the math. Certainly no reduction in city’s carbon footprint.


    Utilization of the E 91st St MTS will not only triple costs. It will do nothing to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, nor will it appreciably help overburdened communities. In a nutshell it is a boondoggle being built for political reasons.

  • john

    Oh ye all are blind. This is a necessary dock for the elite that will take refuge in the so called 2nd ave subway. Death is coming from above and only a few will be chosen, so they think.