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Jeff Greene wants $195M for estate he bought for $35M

Beverly Hills compound comes with vineyard and disco with rotating floor
November 07, 2014 09:00AM

Billionaire real estate tycoon Jeff Greene is looking to sell his sprawling compound in Beverly Hills for $195 million.

The 25-acre, 12-bedroom estate in Beverly Hills — romantically named “Palazzo di Amore” — includes roughly 53,000 square feet of living space and is one of the most expensive residential listings in the country, according to the Wall Street Journal. The property also includes a vineyard, a separate 15,000-square-foot entertainment center with a bowling alley, a theater and a disco with a rotating dance floor, the newspaper reported.

Greene, who made a killing betting against subprime mortgages, has worked on the project for eight years. He bought the estate in 2007 for $35 million, according to the newspaper.

The billionaire married his wife Mei Sze on the property in 2007. Mike Tyson was Greene’s best man at the wedding. [WSJ] — Claire Moses

  • jake

    This place is disgusting. Forget about the tripled or quadrupled price tag. The furnishings are horrible along with everything else in the house. The view might be the only one nice thing you get. Who wants that low of ceilings in a house that cost 195million?? 1 million dollar houses have nice ceiling heights. The exterior architecture is horrible. This looks like a copy paste spec home that is worth 35 million. This guy is disgracing his name right now for doing this.

    • Marc

      It’s a free country and I’m sure it’s quite a property. The market will eventually set the price. I’m thankful that mostly wrong “know it alls” don’t set the price. I wish Mr. Greene luck & success.

      • jake

        it isn’t that great ive been there. You are judging with no assumptions trying to correct me and I am the one who has set foot. A lot of the judgements from the “know it alls” are know it alls. A lot of people on here are architects, engineers, contractors, developers, brokers, so yes, they do know a lot. If there is anyone who doesn’t it sounds more like yourself. You actually sound a little frustrated, maybe you work for greene?

        • Marc

          Like I said “The market will eventually set the price”. “Frustrated”? get some help with your anger.

      • Alex

        You wish him success? A man who lives this way after he made much of his fortune after betting against sub-prime mortgage loans, contributing to millions of Americans losing their homes.

        He’s a hypocrite who said “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. We need to reinvent our whole system of life.” What he meant is that everyone else needs less, so HE can have more. Fuck this asshole.

    • ralphpetrillo

      Market demand will determine price.

  • Yuda

    i have an offer in for sale

  • hoingdoing

    My best and final is $12 and a taco.