6 of the craziest homes from around the globe

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Nov.November 09, 2014 02:00 PM

People, especially people with money, love to express themselves with their homes. Naturally, this has led to some pretty unique living quarters. Here’s a round up of a few of the best and most unusual homes out there via Elle Décor.

1. The Nautilus

Mexico City, Mexico


Background: This seashell-shaped home was completed in 2006.

Why It’s Unique: An example of what architect Javier Sensonian calls “bio-architecture.” His organic design philosophy has led him to design buildings shaped like snakes, whales and several other creatures.

2. Steel House

Lubbock, Texas


Background: Artist and architect Robert Bruno has been working on this steel home since 1974.

Why It’s Unique: Bruno has approached his home like a sculpture, building it on the fly and making constant modifications. Estimated weight of the structure is 110 tons.

3. Slinding House

Suffolk, England


Background: This recent “traditional farmhouse” was created by London-based dRRM Architects with a mechanical surprise.

Why It’s Unique: The 20-ton outer shell of this so-called farmhouse can be retracted in six minutes, to reveal a second, mostly glass, inner shell.

4. Bubble Castle

Theoule, France


Background: Basically, designer Antti Lovag really dislikes traditional structures.

Why It’s Unique: Eschewing angles in this unusual design, Lovag attempted to unify the home with its natural surrounding by bringing outdoor elements inside, including palm trees and a waterfall.

5. Klein Bottle House

Mornington Peninsula, Australia


Background: Designed be the firm McBride Charles Ryan and was named the world’s best home at the 2009 World Architecture Festival awards.

Why It’s Unique: A Klein Bottle is a complex mathematical concept that involves folding a cylinder into itself in order to create an unusual, spiraling form, according to Elle. The home is intended to bring the interior out to the exterior and vice versa.

6. Chameleon House

Northport, Michigan


Background: Anderson Architecture completed this home in 2006 in less than eight weeks thanks to prefabricated materials.

Why It’s Unique: The steel frame of this house is wrapped in “corrugated, translucent acrylic slats, allowing it to take on and reflect the changing colors of the landscape.” Thus the name. [Elle Decor]Christopher Cameron

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