Abington House pushes latest amenity: peace and quiet

The High Line condo building features a feng-shui “sanctuary” with “healing crystals”

TRD New York /
November 09, 2014 10:00 AM

Pricey Manhattan condo buildings have tried it all when it comes to super high-end amenities, from pet concierges to butler services. But the latest amenity craze sweeping luxury living may be simple peace and quiet. Take Abington House. The 33-story, 312-unit rental tower on the High Line features a subterranean soundproof lounge called “the Sanctuary” to help residents escape the city’s noise, according to the New York Post.

“This is a quiet space for people to become mindful,” renowned interior designer Clodagh, who goes only by her first name, told the Post. “It’s not about design. It’s about making people feel better.”

Residents enter the 410-square-foot room through a massive sliding walnut door and are greeted by ceilings and walls that are covered with walnut panels and noise-absorbing fabric.

The room has no windows, but it does have LED panels covered with Japanese washi film, which provide a soft glow. And if that isn’t enough, “healing crystals” are hidden inside the feng-shui-aligned room. Real estate broker Shaun Barker lives in the building and uses the sanctuary to meditate.

“I come here to wind down after a long day,” Barker said. “It’s nearly impossible to do that with all the trucks and construction. I come down here and feel like I’m in a different world.” [NYP] Christopher Cameron