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Condos with doorman cost 65% more per square foot

Amenity-heavy luxury properties dominated sales through third quarter of 2014
November 12, 2014 04:40PM

Owners of high-end condominiums in the city pay 65 percent more per square foot if they live in properties with a doorman, according to CityRealty data.

The average per-square-foot price in buildings that have a doorman was $2,958, based on sales at 200 luxury condo buildings recorded during 2014’s first three quarters, the Wall Street Journal reported. At non-doorman buildings, the average price was $1,797 per square foot.

Doormen are among about 30,000 unionized service workers at New York City residential buildings.

Gabby Warshawer of CityRealty said that several of the new luxury properties boasting extensive amenities had the most sales during the three quarters, thus factoring into the price gap. Prices at 15 Central Park West were highest on average, at $6,517 per square foot for 14 sales.  [WSJ]Mark Maurer

  • Mitch

    That’s ridiculous. Obviously there’s a premium for a doorman but it goes hand in hand with other luxury amenities. That’s like saying people pay $10,000 for someone to take your jacket on a flight. No, people pay $10,000 for a first class ticket. In first class they take your jacket.

  • TomDUWS

    No real research here on my part but my guess is that ANY building with a doorman will cost more per sq ft than any similar size non doorman building. As Mitch said, you’re typically paying for other amenities as well.