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Landlord group quietly donated $500K to state Republicans

RSA contributed money to GOP group rather than forming political action committee
November 14, 2014 10:03AM

The Rent Stabilization Association quietly donated $500,000 on state Republican candidates in the midterm elections.

Rather than forming a political action committee — which is what the Real Estate Board of New York did with Jobs for New York — the RSA gave to the Washington D.C.-based Republican State Leadership Committee, according to Internal Revenue Service records cited by Crain’s.

In turn, the committee donated $885,000 to Balance New York, a group that helped Republican candidates in New York state in competitive races. Because the money passed indirectly to candidates, RSA’s name didn’t show up on the state Board of Elections website, the website reported.

RSA represents rent-regulated landlords in the city. Rent regulation laws are set to expire in June. The Republicans took control over the state senate during this year’s midterm elections.

In addition, RSA’s own PAC  gave $25,000 directly to Balance New York in December 2013, Crain’s reported. [Crain’s] — Claire Moses 

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    Are we not supposed to write new leases if deregulated apartments are going to enter regulation? Or do we have to hike up to market rents before the law changes? I’m pretty sure we lose our deregulated tenants if we do the latter.

    The city’s rent-stabilization law expires in June 2015. The Alliance for Tenant Power is calling for a number of significant reforms, including:
    Setting limits on the ability of landlords to hike rents if they make improvements to a building or unit.
    Giving the city “home rule” by taking control of its rent laws away from Albany
    Repealing “deregulation” provisions, which allow rents to be hiked when tenants leave or hit higher income levels.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    You know, BOSTON is deregulated and doing okay.