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Preet Bharara saves woman and her pit bull from eviction

The East River Housing management company had hoped to boot the mentally ill Grand Street resident and her service animal
November 15, 2014 12:00PM

Dog lovers rejoice. A mentally ill woman has received a temporary restraining order blocking her building management company from evicting her and her beloved pit bull.

A federal judge Friday approved the Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s request for the restraining order. The management company, East River Housing, had wanted to Evict Grand Street resident Stephanie Aaron and her dog Roside for violating their pet policies, according to the New York Post.

But Manhattan federal Judge Edgardo Ramos said during a hearing that “he had to do something” to keep Aaron from being evicted as a lawsuit over the issue plays out.

Typically, federal courts are prohibited from lifting stays in effect in state courts, a lawyer for East River Housing argued. But Ramos countered that he could issue the order because the government made the request rather than a private party. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    a pit bull? How would he like to live next door to that? My neighbor in Queens was bitten by a dog in the leg for no reason and how do we know that dog wasn’t trained to attack small Chinese ladies? My brother went to school with the son of the head of the local Klan chapter – wizard or head dragon or whatever.

    • Fayclis

      What a dog LOOKS like should NOT be an issue. Obviously the dog is the one consistent in her life, brings her comfort and does not judge HER based on stereotypes. To ASSume her dog is not socialized is wrong.

      • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

        I can see the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in my head – I get that personal emotional connection is one thing – BUT at least mgmt tried because one of these days, that dog could attack a neighbor.

        Landlords must be allowed to enforce a no pet policy because if the tenants are pro-crime, they absolutely will use dogs to accidentally unintentionally coincidentally intimidate or attack a landlord.

        Please do not use this news to enact some pet rights policy in NYC. We won’t even take cats after a costly drain cleaning because of cat hair clogs in the plumbing.

        Just PRETEND that sometimes tenants can get third parties to commit acts of violence against landlords and get away with it – especially rent regulated ones.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    At least the management tried because if that dog attacks a neighbor, the owner will be in trouble. My mother endured the repeated Mmm mmm mm you shore look nice – not BROWN like my daughter in law until his son sicced his german shepherd on our most noisome tenant and she SCREAMED for a total of HOURS on answering messages about it and she wasn’t even bitten (yet).

    mm MMMmm MMmm

  • Frankie

    OH PLEASE. most pets are not going to attack. more people attack then animals. Also in this nauseating litigious environment, suing is such a gross waste of time and money.

  • Frankie

    …and to the ignorant. Pit Bulls are rather gentle and kind…so kind they do what their owners make them do out of loyalty…and the scum of the earth who make these strong gentle giants (so to speak) harm others are the ones who should be put away

  • Kenneth Henderson

    Why not have the Pitbull trained to be a service dog? (She has certifiable mental illness, the dog can be trained to pick up on her cues and act accordingly to make her life more normal.) The same is done with other medical alert dogs, my wife has had a Boxer/Pit mix and now has a Boxer, they were trained to detect her seizures. Under the ADA, once her dog is a service dog, then its exempt from “pet policies.”

    (Btw the picture inclosed is of my wife, her late service dog Clifford (he passed away in 2009) our kids, a mutual friend of ours that works at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and her co-worker.)

  • PsychAPN

    It is a HUD violation for landlords or condo associations to discriminated against someone for needing an emotional support animal, or for the breed chosen. She doesn’t need any special training for the dog. She needs a letter from a provider stating that she needs an emotional support animal. There is a form letter on the HUD website.