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Howard Hughes scales back Downtown development plans

The new proposal includes a 42-story tower near the South Street Seaport that will be 494 feet tall
November 20, 2014 09:00AM

The Howard Hughes Corporation has scaled back its plans for a residential tower just south of the Brooklyn Bridge that has been met with opposition from the local community who fears that the building will not fit in the historic district.

Howard Hughes scaled back the plans about 25 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal. New plans include a 42-story tower that will stand 494 feet, rather than the earlier proposed 52 stories and 650 feet. The developer has also said that 30 percent of the project’s units will be affordable. The affordable units would be located in the nearby historic buildings, rather than the new tower itself, according to the newspaper.

Howard Hughes would also pay for a new stretch of the East River Waterfront Esplanade that would extend from under the Brooklyn Bridge to John Street, according to the Journal.

The developer has been meeting with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and other officials. The plans still have to go through the formal public review process and receive approval from the City Council.

Local councilwoman Margaret Chin has said she won’t support the tower in its current form. Brewer agreed with her. In a statement, cited by the newspaper, the borough president said, “building a tower at the South Street Seaport is like building a tower at Colonial Williamsburg.” [WSJ] — Claire Moses




    This is a great start. We now have a shorter tower, a NEW and badly needed Middle School and 70 units of Affordable Housing. It would be great if the tower could be built elsewhere, but the economics have to work. Once again, the critics offer NO plan of their own to pay the $125MM cost of rebuilding the Pier and the Tin Building. Until I hear a RATIONAL alternative, I am in favor of HHC’s plan, though we should get as much in return as possible.

    • patmgee

      Let him build it. Seaport is dead.

    • Handouts

      Why do you deserve something in return? Because you live in the neighborhood…. put your hand back in your pocket.

      • DTNYC

        YOU LOSE, HANDOUT! We deserve something in return because they need permission to build it and the neighhood has its own needs. I am in favor of this development, but the neighborhood needs schools and affordable housing, and now they have offered it in return. That’s how things work! I approve!

      • Crian Bashman

        I suppose you don’t take the mortgage tax deduction, huh?

  • Perryr

    Get nicer ships

  • BS politician

    Even “colonial williamsburg” has to keep up with the times. Unfortunatly Brewer still is living in this era and must WAKE UP! This progect is a win, win situation. You can’t have it all Gale. Be a little more flexible or no low income will be built! besides what attraction has the seaport had in recent years. This area is in desperate need of folks patronizing local businesses. Be a little creative and come out of the “colonial” era.