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Vogue staffers complain of “rat infestation” at 1 WTC

Anna Wintour is reportedly avoiding her personal office at Durst building
November 23, 2014 01:11PM

Vogue staffers, and especially the magazine’s matriarch, Anna Wintour, are not at all pleased with their new offices at the Durst Organization’s One World Trade Center, citing “a rat infestation.”

“It’s true,” sources told People Magazine. “The girls that work there see the droppings everywhere. It’s nasty.”

According to another report, Wintour is refusing to enter her office until the building is rat-free.

Conde Nast, the WTC’s anchor tenant, began moving employees into the building on November 3. But Vogue staffers aren’t thrilled with the location rats or no rats.

“It’s weird down there. You’re always reminded of 9/11,” a source told People Magazine. Another adds, “It just has creepy vibes.”[People Magazine] Christopher Cameron

  • JEng

    rats are cowardly bullies:

    The “girls” at Vogue need to fight back. Maybe the rats are scared of the Chinese tenants on the upper floors like the wild boars in Hong Kong who run FROM hikers – haha.

  • Lawrence

    No surprise that all the construction/excavation work brought them up out of their hideaways. Shame on building mgmt and NYC, NYS, and the Port Authority of NY/NJ! This building is not just another commercial space, but a symbol of the resilience of America. Fix this problem now!

    • patmgee

      a bunch of babies complaining. you must work in the building

  • noclist

    Rats in lower Manhattan have been a way of life for decades. Go out at night when it’s quite and you can see them scurrying around in droves.

  • Brian Hughes

    the Vogue staffers aren’t the rats?

  • Patricia McKeon

    As a NYC Real Estate Broker, I never understood how a fantastic firm as Conde Nast, would ever move to the WTC area…Its not even because they were given a great financial deal either…Shame on Building management as well as to everybody involved in this huge financial transaction….I Cannot ever imagine that Nobody Knew about the Rat Issue…if there is Construction and Excavation work going on, which there is all over that area, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a Rat Infestation!! If I were Graydon Carter, I would call my lawyers and get out of that lease!!