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Former PropertyShark CEO facing $44M lawsuit

Ryan Slack is accused of “stealing” his ex-girlfriend’s business
November 28, 2014 05:00PM

Ryan Slack, the former CEO of the real-estate data site PropertyShark, is facing a $44 million lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend for allegedly swiping her business, Fashion Digital New York.

Sandy Hussain says in the suit that Slack is a pathological liar and philanderer who  “survives off a steady diet of women,” according to the New York Post.

“Ryan Slack lied and cheated his way into my life, my heart and then into my business,” Hussain said.

Hussain claims that she confided in Slack regarding an idea for a new venture combining fashion and technology called Fashion Digital New York and that they agreed to divide the profits equally – although not in writing.

Since their breakup, Slack — who left PropertyShark in 2008 – is accused of shutting Hussain out of the daily operations of the company and not paying her appropriately. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

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  • Andrew Thompson

    This isn’t the only lawsuit against Greenpearl, there’s at least one more from a shareholder I’m concerned Greenpearl is going to fall apart completely in the next 6 months. I’m certainly not going to do any further business with them until there’s a change in CEO.

    • Alan

      Welcome to Defendant Slack’s Bizarro World.

    • Anon

      This may be the end of Slack and that would be a good thing.

  • JJ

    “Hussain claims that she confided in Slack regarding an idea for a new venture combining fashion and technology called Fashion Digital New York and that they agreed to divide the profits equally – although not in writing.” GTFOOHWTBS She said she’s an idiot. And now she seems conniving, bitter, grasping and greedy too.

    • JEng

      She sounds optimistic and maybe not too self-aware about the originality of her idea and certainly optimistic when she shared it. When I vocalize an idea, I want someone else to pull it off because I know I can’t.

      I’m not supporting Stockholm Syndrome but sometimes you want the big guys like hoteliers to succeed in order to protect and improve via ripple effects.

      And I think there is an inappropriate condemnation of the big fish:

      I remember Oren’s but Starbucks coffee is NEVER sour and is cheaper than Dunkin Donuts and some Mom and Pop or smaller chains (ice coffee anyway).

      I bet Nora Ephron movies were instrumental in improving sales for those magalogue furniture companies. We didn’t all suddenly develop good taste after grubby 70s home decor.

      • vincent_james102

        Your assuming he built the business – probably because he’s a man. But it is extremely unlikely that Ryan Slack suddenly moved from building real estate events to fashion events on his own.

        • JEng

          Chicks steal ideas. I had a group project asshole named Yoko tell me that I should do the typing. I left that group – they got a C and my new group got an A-.

          So you know – RUN – from narcissists.

          • MelissaJ

            “Chicks steal ideas”?????!!!!!! seriously you are writing off all women!!! omg wtf!!!!!!

        • Ask anyone at Greenpearl who made FD successful, it wasn’t either one of them…

    • Anon

      No, he is a sociopath. He fits the characteristics in every way. Do not blame the victim. She fell for charm and Slack’s well-honed, calculated manipulation. Others have before her (male and female) and sadly, others will after.

  • Anon

    Ryan did this at PropertyShark and his company before that. Not surprising at all.

  • Nathan

    Should be an easy win for Hussain, Captain Slackbladder apparently left quite a mess at his old company. It’s quite a claim to suggest he has the remotest idea about fashion or digital (either in a personal or a professional capacity), shame he doesn’t know more about real estate which is supposedly his specialism! I’ve been following the case quite closely. Even the federal judge spotted that Greenpearl makes no mention of fashion digital, now I wonder why that would be…

  • MelissaJ

    He sounds like a real woman hater, why do some guys feel threatened from doing business with women and resort to underhand tactics? There’s quite a lot of negativity surrounding Greenpearl at the moment, even their current and old employees seem to hate it,28.htm can’t see this business surviving long, glad I’m not a shareholder.

    • JEng

      “until she started dating Slack again in early 2014”

      it sounds like a Maroon 5 music video

      • Alan

        Slack is more like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… When his business crumbles, he can call both Maroon 5 and Nurse Ratched to help him pay legal bills.

    • Basil Vasiliu

      Mother issues?

      • Alan

        I think you mean daddy issues??

        • Basil Vasiliu

          nevertheless Issues=Issues

          • Alan

            Watch and wait for GreenPearl to implode. What a moron. How much time you give it Basil?

          • Basil Vasiliu

            Well, I never liked gambling so its hard to say. I’m sure he’ll reinvent himself afterall he’s an entrepreneur. Let’s hope he sees the err in his ways and makes better decisions in the future.

  • JEng

    I think it’s okay if someone with better ability and advanced know-how “steals” your idea if you put it out there and then you know, minor leaguers then echo back by being “inspired” to try their hand on a smaller scale. I think my dad got ripped off over producing more nehru jackets but it motivated him to get into the garment factory business and that entire industry gave an ethnic group manufacturing jobs with ripple effects in their enclave economy.

    • Vincent

      He didn’t steal an idea… he stole an established business… big difference. She produced the entire show in 2012 from soup to nuts. Court filings show he was not present at the show at all – but several blog posts like this one confirm she was behind it.

      • JEng

        Thanks for the correction. But I didn’t really see the details. I have a hard time comprehending some writing styles. Can you point out the specifics?

        I think there is gender bias BUT women are allowed to flourish if they are team players and not because they are dating their business partners as opposed to being married to them which is okay because then it is a family business. I don’t get the feeling that people discriminate against gender but simply because they make that choice that someone is persona non grata – anyone can fall into the Widows and Orphans category.

    • MelissaJ

      I think it’s great that your dad did well getting into the garment factory business but surely it’s pretty bad he got ripped off too? Why did that need to happen? The difference is that Hussain has remained the face and brains of Fashion Digital and all Greenpearl provided was basic logistics. I get what you say in your other post about big guys sometimes being able to do it better but Greenpearl is pretty small fry…

      • JEng

        he didn’t do so well but he got a nest egg and considered marriage for the first time – something that was impossible in the restaurant industry because he was never taught to swing a wok no matter the dues he paid because he didn’t have the extra money to buy the head cook cigarettes and alcohol so he saw newcomers get trained because they or their family provided those bribes and they never had to tenderize raw cold chicken feet.

        He walked away from factories when he said it became hard to profit and stay legal – his nephew and niece who he set up did far better – he missed it and really flailed at future endeavors because of his lack of education and no team but he said it was hard interpersonally even though some of those seamstresses are really sweet and the reason affordable housing is important/justified but it also really emotional and political.

        When he solved the problem of elevator breakdowns and other factories needing to use the lift when the truckers arrived, he threw the plastic wrapped garments down a homemade zipline straight into the back of the trucks and was called a freak – why are you always so weird – but then everyone did it – but no one ever took back that label of him being “off.”

        but I guess whatever he got out of it is thanks to the industry that let the jobs go to Chinatown – in hindsight, it was kind of on purpose – not a free ride – but a good deed.

      • JEng

        He got ripped off worse in his own community cuz he was vulnerable. It’s a lot of things and it made us more sympathetic and not interested in being predatory but we also got picked on by being falsely accused and then threatened. My mom had to send me every month to a creep who said it’s a shame what can happen to a family and you never know who can do it to you – and he didn’t deserve to be paid at all and we would have one because he could never prove his claim But he made that statement and my mom paid and I had to get him to sign a receipt every month and he came out of it with a free six figures.

  • Rudy

    Worst kind of businessman. Friendly, soft spoken, seems to have it together, but steals your business. Hussain is not the first. Her mistake was dating a mental case in the first place. His lawyers will make her out to be bitter. But Slack has a history of legal issues which in all likelihood will surface again. Slack has no regard whatsoever for his clients, sponsors, friends, partners, and those who work with him… he uses and abuses them. Real bad character who should climb back into his hole and stay there.

  • Alan

    Slack’s company produces The Real Estate Weekly Womens Forum. Wonder how this will go in 2015 when the women get word that Organizer Slack threw a plate his girlfriend’s head and threatened to beat her up. Slack is a complete mental case and everyone in New York knew this… was just a matter of time before he hung himself. His last name fits well.

    • MelissaJ

      I wonder if it’ll still go ahead now this has all come out. He’d be crazy to show his face there if it does… Ironic that his company is dealing with empowering women!

      • Barbara

        As as woman, I am totally appalled by Slacko’s actions. I will not attend Wacko Slacko’s events ever again. My husband works in CRE as well. As a man of deep faith, his is sickened by the lawsuit. Make no doubt about this Sicko Slacko: You’re no longer getting by money to use for your threesomes, manipulative behavior and illegal activities. I hope Bob Knakal kicks your ass out of town.

    • Ryan

      Be careful if you have worked with Slacko. Change your e-mail passwords. No joke. Slacko is waaaaacko and will do some crazy shite. Slacko is a stalking loser… watch out for this mf loser.

  • maverick10036

    Slack is not a man. Rumor is that Slack is really a woman. She/he had a botched sex change operation in 1989 while still living in San Francisco. This botched operation left her/his brain with a concentration of female hormones, thus explaining his erratic behavior. No man engages in this type of behavior. I know this for a fact – My cousin dated Slack in 1992 and discovered he has no male genitalia.

  • David

    Sounds like hes a relative of Mark Zuckerburg.

    • no he’s an anti semite too.. I used to manage Fashion Digital between break up one and break up two… I became another victim of Slack and his horrible deeds…

      • Anon

        Many victims of Slack. God this is all getting out now in the public. Expect him to pay his way out of it with lawyers as he’s done before – any business he touches becomes a disaster. Watch out. Good news his lawyer’s kids will get good christmas gifts this year.

  • Roger J.

    Slack is a failure. Total disgrace and waste of time to those who worked their butts off for him. Also, for those who supported him – Slack is a failure. Let this story be a testament to what he really is….a waste of time.

  • jalo12

    throw this punk in jail and I will take real gooood care of sandy

  • steven tanner

    We need this young Lion to rep Castle Brands Inc stock symbol ROX for new office digs following Roussell Enterprises buyout of Castle brands Inc.

  • Bob


  • Brian Hughes

    is it ironic that his shirt in the photo says “Dues Paid” ?

    • Bob

      he will be paying dues when he’s having coffee at mcdonald’s with Anthony Weiner on a daily basis. WACKO SLACKO!

  • Anon

    I fully support Sandy Hussain. Ryan has displayed such poor professional behavior as detailed in the lawsuit. It’s incredible what Sandy has done with FDNY despite the efforts of Ryan to steal it away. I suggest cutting your losses Mr. Slack cause it sounds like Sandy is gunning for you full force and you will NOT win.

    • Bob

      Interesting that Wacko Slacko didn’t do commercial real estate events either until the fool from RealShare teamed up with him.

  • Jessica Pal

    He shouldn’t be organizing The Real Estate Weekly Women’s Forum anymore after the way he’s treated women and the behavior he’s exhibited in this case in particular. He is going to attempt to continue to rob Sandy of all her work and possibly soil her name publicly, which she doesn’t deserve after what she’s had to go through so far – but it will only work against him – people will stand up for her. His behavior towards women have been the worst case I’ve ever seen. It should be stopped and his company should not receive any further funds from Fashion Digital or the Real Estate Women’s Forum in my opinion.

    • Bob

      Wacko Slacko!

      • Rudy

        What about all of the other people he robbed and continues to rob? EOE!

    • Anon

      Someone put this stalking scumbag out out of business, please. Hello Massey Knakal, Marcus & Millichap?? Why u support an abhorrent human? Disaster, disaster, disaster, Scumbag, scumbag, scumbag.

  • There is so much more to this story, so many buried bones… Slack is a sociopath, Sandy is not that much better but the lesser of two evils… At the end of the day it’s just a conference and other, better events are coming up without all the drama…

    • Ryan Slacko

      Don’t slack off u beaaches. I’m watching you

  • Anon

    Everyone inside knows he was using the funds from the Fashion Digital business to build the real estate events. It’s a pyramid that all rests on the money from Fashion Digital.

    • Anon

      Are you kidding. Everyone knows that Slack is a mental case who steals your money, business, then drives his businesses into bankruptcy and damages you.

  • Anon

    Nima Negahban and Mark Schacknies are mentioned in both lawsuits against Greenpearl Events since they are the only two other shareholders. Nima is affiliated or once was with The Real Deal – he may actually still be affiliated. Sad as its unclear why these guys have allowed Slack to behave in the way that he continues to – either they know the truth and allow the lies and theft because they will benefit financially – or they themselves are being taken for a ride by Slack. Ether way – not good to be them if associated with Slack and his “crimes.”

    • Anon

      Slack lies about everything (including his finances). The former employees and partners should file a class action lawsuit.

      • Eric

        completely agree on class action. with the amount of lawsuits piling up against him…might as well add another…look at zillow…more lawsuits just lead to more lawsuits as people get up courage to speak out about whats happenin…

        • Anon

          Let’s be real. Slack will use money his staff makes to pay for his legal bills. Screwed over the partners, former partners, former employees and current staff. WASTE OF TIME. If you work for greenpearl now, plan to get screwed as Slacko needs to pay his mounting legal bills.

  • Erica

    To the greenpearl staff and sponsors still supporting Ryan Slack – wake up – start doing your research on Slacks background.

  • REW

    He lies about being the founder / co-founder of property shark – he wasn’t a founder there at all.

  • Anon

    God damn it. Someone get this freaking moron out of the industry… Slack is now perjuring himself in state and federal courts… he’s a criminal and should be in jail. he’s bringing down the entire event space and everyone in it, and making it miserable for all.. GET HIM AND HIS LOSER PARTNERS OUT!!

  • jh

    He’s a major weirdo and loser. Know this situation and him well. He tried to sell the business and get investors last year . Shopping it around like he had the next big thing. Every one knew it was hers and stolen so he got little traction . Kept her in the dark while his real estate events plummet. Hes a real dirt bag

    • Anon

      Guy is done in NY.

  • elois

    An overview and dates of how Ryan Slack is attempting to steal his ex-girlfriend’s business –

  • Greg

    He’ll file for bankruptcy and repurpose the email list like he did with the Property Shark database in the next year.

    • Anon

      He’ll be in jail if he gets caught stalking again.

    • Anon

      Handful of former green pearl people broke away from the craziness and started their own firm: far more respected in the industry

  • Alan

    I’m a commercial broker in NY. Slack has lost sponsors because of his behavior.