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Board lines up against Raymond Chan’s Sunset Park project

Community committee concerned over size of multi-building development Eighth Avenue Center
December 01, 2014 05:20PM

Community Board 10 opposed the renewal of a special permit that would allow architect Raymond Chan and a group of developers to Build The Eighth Avenue Center complex.

The board expressed concerns last month that the developers might put up an even larger project in Sunset Park between 61st and 64th streets than they proposed – if the permit is renewed.

“We wanted to give the indication that this is already a massive project,” Ann Falutico, a board chair, said, as reported by the Brooklyn Daily. 

The complex would also include a 10-story hotel with 150 rooms, two 15-story residential towers with a total of 350 apartments and a 17-story office tower. Chan’s team purchased the site at 6200 Eighth Avenue from Andrew Kohen in May for $51.5 million, as reported.

The community board serves in an advisory capacity. The City Planning Commission would officially vote on the permit request. [Brooklyn Daily]Mark Maurer

  • timingrite

    The community needs a large developping plan, it’s about time to have a last big piece of land to make different outlooks on the area. Compare 2007 to 2014 everything is changed and crisis becoming opportunities . Obama fulfills his “change” at least on the real estate aspect. The CB-10 should pass the plan and give applaud. CB-10 should devote its effort on reopen of 7th ave N train exit in stead of banning a perfectly in needed plans just like that.
    “Overcrowded” will be solved by expanding not by confining, it’s right the city planning commission is up zoning all boroughs not down zoning cases after cases.