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Africa Israel’s Sofiev-Leviev sues to liquidate diamond firm

Firm's boss is partner in Taly Diamonds, says managers selling inventory at "bargain prices"
December 02, 2014 05:00PM

Chagit Sofiev-Leviev, the daughter of Israeli developer Lev Leviev, is suing over the liquidation of a diamond business that she claims is being looted.

Sofiev-Leviev, the chief executive officer of Africa Israel Investments’ U.S. operations, claims that her partners in Taly Diamonds LLC, which is located in Manhattan, are taking too much time closing the business. She contends that the partners are using the time to sell off  the store’s inventory.

Sofiev-Leviev claimed that the managers, including Taly Diamonds chief executive officer Yaron Turgeman, are “selling off Taly diamonds at bargain-basement prices to other companies in which they hold greater interests and disbursing company funds to themselves,” without consent from their partners, according to Bloomberg.

A year earlier, Turgeman sued Sofiev-Leviev, claiming that she unfairly took control of the liquidation. The plaintiffs voluntarily dropped that suit in January, Bloomberg reported. 

Sofiev-Leviev was named CEO of the U.S. arm of the real estate company last year.

She claims that Turgeman and other managers at Taly broke an agreement to liquidate the diamond business and did not provide information about winding down the business. [Bloomberg News] — Claire Moses