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Owners of stables look to sell

Carriage horse industry may finally give in to developers’ offers
December 07, 2014 05:00PM

Ahead of Mayor de Blasio’s vow to abolish the carriage horse industry, stable owners are reluctantly considering selling their properties.

So far, owners of the four remaining stables, located on the far West Side in Midtown, have seen and declined lucrative offers from developers. But experts say they would be wise to sell sooner than later, according to the New York Daily News.

“Any competent lawyer is going to say to these guys ‘Look, you’re out of options. You’re either going to sell now or you’re going to be leaving money on the table,’ ” one real estate attorney told the Daily News.

The four remaining stables are: the Clinton Park Stables, located on 52nd Street near the Hudson River; the West Side Livery stable on West 38th Street; the Central Park Carriages on West 37th Street between 10th & 11th Avenues; and the Chateau Stables at 608 West 48th Street.

De Blasio’s ban will be introduced in the City Council this week. [NYDN] Christopher Cameron

  • Marc

    To the owners of these stables: Don’t sell. If the Marxist forces you out of business then don’t sell to a developer. Develop it yourself. Selling it is leaving money on the table.

    • patmgee

      They arent developers…they know how to operate a stable, not a construction site.

      • Marc

        Developers hire construction companies (Turner, ect..) because they are more experienced to run a stable.

  • Terri Davison

    De Blasio’s ban will never come to fruition. Any thinking person who researches the issue will agree that the horses should stay put. Let Nislick go kick out some widows or orphans instead….that’s right up his alley.

    • Any person with a nose knows that these shit machines foul the air in the park and need to go to a glue factory yesterday.

      • WhoWillRobDurstPissOnNext?

        Thats no way to talk about the De Blasio family.

        • Tim

          ha ha ha ha!

  • WhoWillRobDurstPissOnNext?

    deBlasio is a bum

  • Tim

    DeBlas is making Dinkins look like a great mayor!

  • David Lohr

    Hilary Clinton loves male jockey’s! We hop Bilary does not physically take advantage
    of this Little men!

  • David Lohr

    Could Hilary Clinton handle Sarah Palin in a wrestling match?
    Highly doubtful, Sarah could take Bill and break him in half!

  • David Lohr

    Carl Marx was an English serf who cleaned shoes for a living.