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Ex-Bellmarc head honchos plant flag at Keller Williams

Anthony DeGrotta, Larry Friedman said to be "actively recruiting" at new firm
By E.B. Solomont | December 09, 2014 03:30PM

Anthony DeGrotta and Larry Friedman, former principals at troubled brokerage Coldwell Banker Bellmarc Group, are now at Keller Williams NYC, The Real Deal has learned.

The move comes just over a week after DeGrotta and Friedman reached a settlement with their former business partner, Bellmarc’s co-founder Neil Binder. The pair sued Binder this summer, alleging he stole money from the firm.

Sources told TRD that DeGrotta and Friedman, who founded rental brokerage A.C. Lawrence and sold it to Bellmarc in late 2012, are actively recruiting agents to join them at Keller Williams. “They’re going to try to bring as many agents there as possible,” said one brokerage head.

Reached on his cell phone, DeGrotta declined to comment on the move. But when TRD called Keller Williams’ main line asking for DeGrotta, an operator transferred the call to his temporary desk. Bellmarc removed DeGrotta and Friedman’s profiles from its website.

Eric Barron, CEO of Keller Williams NYC, was unavailable for comment, as was Friedman.

As part of the settlement with Binder, DeGrotta and Friedman resigned from the Bellmarc Group and sold their stake in the brokerage to an undisclosed third party, as TRD reported. “They have also made financial payment to the company,” the statement said. Binder is now the sole operating manager of Coldwell Banker Bellmarc Group.

This fall, as its principals duked it out in court, Bellmarc lost more than 25 agents to other firms. Some 15 agents joined Halstead and another dozen joined City Connections. In November, Marc Lewis, a former top executive at Bellmarc, joined Town Residential as leasing director of the Gramercy Park office.

  • Sleazy_Dealings

    WOW..Take a look at these 2 scam artists,DeGrotta & Friedman’s, history of suing the companies they partner up with then the next thing you know…Poof..they’ve either destroyed the company, screwed the agents out of much of their pending commissions and in one case they open a new company, a few blocks away, and the guy they just sued is now a PARTNER in the new entity!! What a SCAM..
    Just check out the older archived articles on The Real Deal about Degrotta & Friedman and what happened with Manhattan Apartments & Century21’s like reading a ‘HOW TO SCREW, SUE & RENEW’ instruction guide!!…What a pair of scheisters rising like phoenixes from the ashes! LOL!

    It seems every where those 2 go they leave a path of lawsuits & destruction in their wake..Good luck to Keller Williams with those 2 fraudsters lurking and even more good luck to any agents that are snow jobbed into leaving another company to join them in a new Scamarama.

    It’s hard to believe Keller Williams would even go within 100 miles of those 2 guys. DeGrotta & Friedman’s reputations, or should I say, lack thereof, precedes them.

    Say what you will about Neil Binder but he hasn’t crashed and burned everything he touches or destroyed other companies..on the contrary, In an industry as competitive and, often times corrupt, as real estate, he’s rolled with the ups and downs of the business and held on tight to a company he’s built…those 2 vultures thought they could freeze Binder out of his own establishment but they underestimated him..looks like he bit back & held his ground..he took a big hit but those other 2 were the ones who admitted to having PAID HIM BACK $$ & HAVING TO TRANSFER THEIR SHARES TO A 3RD PARTY.
    Good luck to Binder… Good riddance to DeGrotta & Friedman..