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Traffic proves WTC’s success: OPINION

“Learned cranks bemoaning the site’s architecture…ought to pipe down.”
December 21, 2014 12:00PM

Although the new World Trade Center complex is barely half-finished and large sections remain impassable, the project has thus far been a resounding success – that is, if foot traffic is your measure – according to the New York Post.

A visit to the WTC reveals “gazillions” of people swarming over every walkable square foot, according to the Post.

“Delighted visitors know something the city’s architectural and urban-affairs intelligentsia don’t: The politically warped, ideologically conflicted and bureaucratically hamstrung 13-year redevelopment saga since 9/11 improbably brought forth a much better result than we had a right to expect — or than we deserved. The abundant goodwill that went into planning narrowly carried the day over equally abundant greed and venality.

“Learned cranks bemoaning the site’s architecture, politics and commercial-commemorative tension ought to pipe down and consider how nobody else seems to care,” the Post writes. [NYP]Christopher Cameron