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Traffic proves WTC’s success: OPINION

“Learned cranks bemoaning the site’s architecture…ought to pipe down.”
December 21, 2014 12:00PM

Although the new World Trade Center complex is barely half-finished and large sections remain impassable, the project has thus far been a resounding success – that is, if foot traffic is your measure – according to the New York Post.

A visit to the WTC reveals “gazillions” of people swarming over every walkable square foot, according to the Post.

“Delighted visitors know something the city’s architectural and urban-affairs intelligentsia don’t: The politically warped, ideologically conflicted and bureaucratically hamstrung 13-year redevelopment saga since 9/11 improbably brought forth a much better result than we had a right to expect — or than we deserved. The abundant goodwill that went into planning narrowly carried the day over equally abundant greed and venality.

“Learned cranks bemoaning the site’s architecture, politics and commercial-commemorative tension ought to pipe down and consider how nobody else seems to care,” the Post writes. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • Michael Burke

    Here’s what all those visitors are not seeing: the WTC Sphere, the last remaining intact artifact of the original WTC. Over 13 years after the attacks it sits down in an obscure corner of Battery Park, forgotten and neglected. This is offense to truth and memory! See Facebook, save the sphere.