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Trinity Church files demolition plans for FiDi tower project

Firm moves ahead with project despite earlier criticism from community board
December 26, 2014 04:15PM

Despite criticism from Community Board 1, plans for a 46-story, mixed-use Financial District tower in October, Trinity Real Estate is moving ahead with the project. The Jason Pizer-led real estate arm of the Episcopal Trinity Church filed a demolition permit application to raze two properties on the site.

A six-story building at 68 Trinity Place and a 25-story building at 74 Trinity Place would be demolished to make way for the new residential and office tower spanning roughly 300,000 square feet. Trinity tapped architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli to design the tower last year, as previously reported. A developer has not yet been selected.

“What was turned down, as anticipated at the time, was a building plan that did not meet required rear yard setback requirements,” a Trinity spokesperson told the New York Observer. “That denial then allowed Trinity to the start the process of going to [city’s Board of Standards and Appeals] to seek a variance from those requirements to create a more efficient building. The request for that variance was supported by [Community Board 1].”

Community Board 1 had criticized the design for looking out of place among its surroundings. [NYO]Mark Maurer

  • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

    There is a special place in hell for Trinity Church and its directors. What do they do with all this money? Certainly not helping the poor. Shame,

  • midtownguy

    Disgusting of them to destroy this beautiful building that works so well with the church itself and the historic pedestrian bridge which connects them. Pigs.

    • Jack Royal

      This street is dead, there’s no need for the pedestrian bridge.

      • MidtownGuy

        I know. There’s absolutely no need to protect outstanding beauty or history in a city. For some reason, stupid people keep striving to protect beautiful things when we could just calculate their monetary or practical worth and erase whatever fails to add up to the definition of “necessity”.

        • Jack Royal

          I’m just saying if they put a condo here maybe there will actually be people on the street.

          • MidtownGuy

            OK, but If it’s like the new luxury buildings in my area (Midtown) the units will be bought up by mostly absentee foreign investors or people just looking for a place to crash 2 weeks a year. I wouldn’t count on a positive impact on street life. Maybe more Escalades pulling up.

      • Guest

        Trinity Place is dead? Are you crazy? Have you been there during rush hour, with the express buses streaming by?

  • Marc

    Who needs millions of dollars annually in tax revenue ? Or permanent jobs for that matter ? Our children’s schools in the area certainly would like to have a run down, non-functioning bridge, as opposed to an asset that provides extra funding for skilled teachers. Surprising that some of you are able to read, but aren’t able to notice how much money the city is able to collect in taxes from this building.

    • richjew

      Tax exempt org. Will not be paying taxes.

      • Marc

        It has a residential component (condos/coops)

        • MidtownGuy

          Woopee do.

    • MidtownGuy

      Yeah, because older buildings can’t be profitably re-purposed, and intelligent preservation is a waste. Also, Trinity isn’t rolling in dough already and they’re really hard-up for cash. Failing to see that CASH is more important than anything is a sure sign of ignorance and illiteracy. What a crock of bull. Some people would mine their mother’s teeth if they thought they could pull out some gold.