Just how pricey is your neighborhood?: MAP

Central Park South fetches highest price per square foot at $3,393
January 09, 2015 01:10PM

Believe it or not, New York City comprises 325 unique neighborhoods, according to real estate developer Constantine Valhouli. So just what does it cost per square foot to purchase an apartment in your neck of the woods?

The numbers can be confusing, based on the calculation used.

Indeed, mapping wizard Valhouli’s latest data visualization seeks to uncover New York City’s “pricing myth,” which sets the average cost of buying an apartment at $1,200 per square foot. Using data from Streeteasy, Trulia and Zillow, Valhouli shows variations in pricing across New Jersey’s Gold Coast and the city’s five boroughs, which, he notes on Medium, are often clumped into a “monolithic market.”

What looks like a bar graph set atop a map of New York City shows the most affordable and expensive neighborhoods according to their average sales price per square foot. Predictably, Manhattan neighborhoods were the most expensive, with Central Park South raking in the highest sales price per square foot at $3,393.

Buyers received the biggest bang for their buck in Woodlawn, the Bronx, where the average purchase was $110 per square foot. [Medium] & [Thrillist]Kerry Barger