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Revealed: Renderings for new Yotel in Williamsburg

HWKN-designed hotel set to rise next to BQE
By Tess Hofmann | January 14, 2015 04:06PM

Following the launch of Yotel’s Midtown location, Synapse Development Group is planning a new 110-key hotel in Williamsburg. Winning designer HWKN gave The Real Deal a first look at the renderings.

The 14-story hotel, a collaboration between Yotel and Synapse, will be located at 646 Lorimer Street, near Meeker Avenue and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The street level of the building will host retail, with a roof garden at the level of the BQE and the hotel rising above that. The top levels of the structure will house six to eight condos with views of the East River and Manhattan.

“Williamsburg is an amazing community — it deserves architecture that strives to match its richness and vibrancy,” said Marc Kushner, HWKN principal.


Another HWKN principal, Matthias Hollwich, said “We felt it was important to create a distinct and modern design that would establish Yotel Williamsburg as a destination for global travelers, while the sculptural qualities of the building also connects with Williamsburg’s artistic bent.”

The hotel, which is set to open in 2017, will feature the brand’s signature space-saving convertible beds. Yotel’s original New York location is at 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in Manhattan. In June, the brand announced plans to open a hotel in San Francisco.

  • Ed

    Sinfully ugly is is 95% of Williamsburg.

    • BH

      Couldn’t agree more. Probably the worst planned gentrification and development I’ve ever seen. Took the J train over the bridge the other day and couldn’t help but notice multi-million dollar developments with views of run down and decrepit buildings everywhere the eye can see.

      • kay ottick

        Yeah, that’s the ticket! Who planned this lousy gentrification, anyhow? They really need some sort of final solution, I mean they should kick out the rest of the people from their long-time homes to improve the view from those multi-million dollar developments. Why pay all that money only to have a view of the leftover poors?

        Where’d you grow up, pal? Entitled much?

        • BH

          you misunderstood what i’m saying. i think it’s unfortunate how the city has allowed developers to go in and erect ridiculously overpriced developments in neighborhoods that still have a lot of work to be done. they should have to give something back to the neighborhood in terms of aesthetics instead of making everything an eyesore.

          no one said anything about kicking anyone out. that’ the last thing that needs to happen.

  • Dia

    Nice! Some interesting design coming to W’burg finally

    • Rick

      Says the shill…..

  • Lisa

    This looks like a pile of absolute crap. Was this drawn up by a 1st year architecture student at University of Phoenix?

  • Hah

    It looks like it was designed using minecraft.

  • RenderRender

    Man! They must have lost their render guy. I remember looking at their Pines Pavilion renders those were awesome. They need to get this dude back.

  • kay ottick

    Ugly, ugly, ugly and too close to my house. Well, I guess the trust-fund parents have to stay somewhere when they visit their heirs.

  • sonaliraq

    Hideous but the best part is “roof garden at the level of the BQE”. How please it will be to sit there and while away the house watching the trucks go by…

    roof garden at the level of the BQE
    roof garden at the level of the BQE”

    • comment flagged

      I once lived in an apartment with a deck on the second floor next to the BQE. It was very peaceful sit out, have a coffee and read, hearing the cars roll by like a mighty river.

  • PonckhockieCreekwoman

    Yuck! Nice design, but it will be cheap construction and of cheap materials. In ten years, it will look like a piece of crap.