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Solidarity Never: JDS, PMG look to build supertall tower sans union labor

"It would be unprecedented": Extell's Gary Barnett, on 111 West 57th St.
January 15, 2015 08:40AM

If it’s up to the developers, one of the city’s tallest towers could rise without the help of any union labor. The 1,400-foot-tall, 80-story tower proposed for 111 West 57th Street, developed by Michael Stern’s JDS Development Group and Kevin Maloney’s Property Markets Group would be the city’s tallest-ever tower built with nonunion labor.

An in-house construction crew poured the property’s foundation in September and by the summer, the developers plan to start raising the tower’s reinforced cast concrete frame, according to Crain’s.

“If they built that tower nonunion, it would be unprecedented,” Extell Development’s Gary Barnett, who is building nearby One57, told Crain’s. “I think if they built it successfully, more developers doing projects of that size would have to take a look at going nonunion.”

Of the seven supertall and skinny spires that are currently under construction, 111 West 57th is the only site that doesn’t use any union laborers.

“If Mike Stern wants to run his mouth, that’s fine, but I don’t know how it’s going to get built,” Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council, told the website “This is a needle in the haystack, an experiment more than anything else.” [Crain’s]Claire Moses

  • WannaBeLandlord

    If the Mohawk tribe isn’t the ironworkers for the top off that would be disappointing. They are the best ironworkers for high rises.

    • Hanz Bregman


      • WannaBeLandlord

        Name the place & time to meet me. Let’s see if you make me STFU

        • george

          Turtle Bay 6:00 pm, bare-knuckle brawl, loser buys drinks, winner pays for new dentures! lool

          • WannaBeLandlord

            Turtle Bay Tavern, good spot. What up Hanzel?

  • colonelslog

    might as well start now

  • Lagre

    Where are they going to get talented tower crane operators who are non-union

    • rnsone

      They will hire from out of state(way out of state), internationally even, sign them to a six month contract or so. The 1% get away with so much, can our elected officials at least throw us Union guys a bone?

  • Unionamerica

    Go ahead and try to take food off the plate of the families of over a million Union workers , especially the ironworkers who choose to defy death everyday , if those are people this clown wants to fuck with and piss off , by all means …