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Rezoning could mean more tall buildings for Long Island City

City looks to bring additional affordable housing to the area

January 16, 2015 08:09AM

Rendering of new developments in Long Island City's Court Square neighborhood

Rendering of new developments in Long Island City’s Court Square neighborhood

Long Island City, one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city, could see even more residential development as City Hall considers a possible rezoning to encourage construction around Queens Plaza.

The rezoning would mean more high-rise apartment buildings, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Department of City Planning will look at a roughly 100-block area that encompasses Queens Plaza, Court Square and parts of Jackson Avenue and Northern Boulevard, according to the newspaper.

The new developments would include affordable housing, which is part of the reason for the rezoning. The area was rezoned in 2001, which lead to the construction of several residential towers. Since 2006, more than 8,000 residential units have been added to the neighborhood, the newspaper reported.

Industrial advocates expressed concerns that creating more housing in the area could put manufacturing businesses at risk. [WSJ] Claire Moses

  • george

    This is fantastic for LIC, it’s going to become a fantastic community in itself and not just for its close proximity to Manhattan.

    • BH

      besides the fact that the transportation will be clogged even further than it already is. no one is planning ahead in regards to what will happen to the system when 5-7K new apartments arrive in the coming years.

      • george

        I agree with you, we need to make significant upgrades to our transportation infrastructure, the MTA is a terribly run entity and is hindering the growth of this city. They need to be overhauled, cut labor costs, get competent companies to do their construction and facilitate the growth of this city. People still need places to live, our population continues to go up and the more apartments that are available, the cheaper the prices will be when the supply is at a healthy level.

        • BH

          i agree, the MTA is a joke.

          Brooklyn though has been an example of rents not hitting a plateau even with plenty of supply.

          Condo prices are at an all time high there, and townhouses are fetching insane numbers too

      • AnoNYC

        This is America, we only react in crisis.

        Anyway, mass transportation can always be upgraded and expanded in the future. This is a really good place to go as dense as possible.

    • BH

      i do love LIC too though, so i’m not putting the development down

      I guess the only thing that will not be great is when they start to build up 21st Street across from Queensbridge.

  • native new yorker

    Can the already-packed subways in the area handle such growth?

    • AnoNYC

      Rapid transit definitely needs more frequency but the neighborhood could definitely sustain more people.

    • AnoNYC

      Rapid transit definitely needs more frequency but the neighborhood could definitely sustain more people.

      I wish the ferries were priced more competitively with the subways and buses.