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For $2,000, a stylish DIY shipping container home

These versatile building blocks are transforming the meaning of luxury
January 18, 2015 12:00PM

Increasingly, a “luxury home” isn’t synonymous with tens of thousands of square feet. More and more, people want well-crafted, authentic homes with a personal touch – making recycled shipping containers an unusual, but ideal home building medium.

Moreover, shipping containers cost a mere $2,000 a piece – not bad for a blank canvas. Check out some of these unique homes below via

[Trueactivist]Christopher Cameron

  • Than Nguyen

    The use of recycled shipping containers as a building material is a growing trend in the country because of an abundance of the containers and shipping containers make excellent building materials because they are built to carry heavy loads and
    they reduce construction costs by greatly cutting the time it takes to erect a building.
    Than Nguyen