The Real Deal New York

At the Desk Of: Karim Rashid

Known for soft shapes and bright colors, the designer is surrounded by objects he dreamed up
By Claire Moses | January 19, 2015 04:05PM

From the January issue:  Karim Rashid is not like other designers. While his colleagues and peers often dress in all black, Rashid prefers all white — reminding him of a blank canvas — or in pink, which he says is “our only controversial color” that exudes “positive energy.” Similarly, Rashid’s sunlight-infused Office On West 54th Street is unlike that of other architects. He sits on the second-floor mezzanine of one of the city’s most eccentric and colorful workspaces — when he’s in town, at least. Rashid travels often; he works in 44 countries, and is currently designing 11 projects around the world. In New York, he is best known for his work with HAP in Harlem. He said he runs between three and six miles a day as “a way to deal with stress.” And while he loves watching movies, especially science fiction, he abides by one rule while picking out which films to watch: “Don’t watch movies older than you are.” Rashid recently took The Real Deal on a tour. [more]