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Dealmaker diaries: MaryAnne Gilmartin wins the Times

TRD looks back at some of the defining moments in the careers of industry giants
By Adam Piore | January 19, 2015 12:11PM

(From the archives): Forest City was considered the least likely of five finalists to win the job — until Gilmartin led a presentation that “blew everyone away at the Times,” Tighe said.

Not only did she have a “complete understanding of the site” and the complexities surrounding the interplay between the public and private players, she also brought a dramatic flair: Halfway through the presentation of facts and figures, the door burst open and an actor dressed as an old-fashioned newsboy burst in, waving an old New York Times and shouting headlines.

“In someone else’s hands, it might have been hokey,” Tighe said. “But with her, it sent a message: ‘Come with us, we will not only be a success, but we will have fun along the way.’ I remember everyone being surprised and laughing. … They came in underdogs and walked out the clear standout.”

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