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Silver arrested for alleged payments from real estate law firm

Investigators claim Assembly speaker failed to disclose money on financial forms
January 22, 2015 08:30AM

Sheldon Silver, the speaker of the New York State Assembly, was arrested on federal corruption charges on Thursday for alleged payments he received from a real estate law firm.

According to the New York Times, the speaker allegedly failed to disclose payments he received from Goldberg & Iryami, which represents interests in the New York property business. The firm seeks tax reductions for commercial and residential properties in the city. Goldberg & Iryami is said to have paid Silver money over the course of about a decade, according to the Times.

As he was led into 26 Federal Plaza by federal agents, Silver said, “I hope I’ll be vindicated,” the newspaper reported.

The investigation into Silver, aged 70, began after Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down the Moreland Commission, a panel that investigated corruption in public office. Cuomo created the commission in 2013.

Silver, a Lower East Side Democrat, has served as speaker of the Assembly for more than two decades. [NYT] — Claire Moses


    Shocking!!! This guy is a dirt BAG!!!! and has been for YEARS!!!

  • Edward Johnson

    This is really good news for market rate renters

  • Char4Dew

    hmmm….. Is this going to be like when Maddoff got popped and then a bunch of other rats got popped too?
    Because lobbies t in RE is not new, neither is payola…

  • Marc

    Leonard Litwin gave $1,000,000 to Cuomo. He got around it by giving from each of his different entities. What does Andy give Mr. Litwin in return?