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Brooklyn landlord sued over alleged love shack

Stuart Venner leased condo to mistress in exchange for sex, wife claims
January 22, 2015 04:58PM

Stuart Venner, a Brooklyn landlord who owns several Prospect Heights properties, leased a condominium in Philadelphia to his mistress in exchange for sex, his wife claimed in a new lawsuit.

Grace Chang Venner claimed Stuart put her name on the 40-year lease of the three-story rowhouse. Stuart Venner ripped up the original agreement and had his mistress, Panadda Pratomtang, sign a second agreement last year that allowed her to live there for $1 per month until the year 2053 “in return for her providing prostitution services to Board Member, (Stuart) Venner,” the lawsuit alleged.

“The lease agreement is not based on actual consideration, but rather on sex for rent,” according to the suit cited by the Philadelphia Daily News. “This is prostitution pursuant to Pennsylvania law and an illegal contract.”

The landlord’s wife said she learned of the agreement when she was told she was property manager at the building.

Stuart Venner sent eviction notices to several mom-and-pop stores along Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights in 2013, in an effort to build an urgent care office and potentially upscale retail shops and a fitness center, as previously reported. [Philadelphia Daily News]Mark Maurer