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Jody Kriss to build condos atop East Village synagogue

East River paid $1.2M for a 99-year lease on the space upstairs
January 22, 2015 02:55PM

Jody Kriss’ East River Partners plans to build three luxury condominium units on top of the Adas Yisroel Anshe Synagogue, which will receive a gut renovation as part of the project.

The 104-year-old synagogue at 415 East 6th Street in the East Village will continue to operate on the ground floor. East River paid $1.2 million for a 99-year lease on the space upstairs at the 22-foot-wide building, as previously reported.

The developer intends to pay an annual fee for the next 200 years of the synagogue’s maintenance. Construction of the condo component will include an 11-foot penthouse addition to the property. The units are expected to hit the market in the fall.

“Some people are purists and they wanted to keep the building exactly as it was,” Robert Rand of the synagogue’s board told the New York Daily News. “But that would have been tantamount to benign neglect. This was the key to survival.”

Kriss was hit with a lawsuit last year for allegedly adopting “mob tactics” to retrieve his cut of money from a development deal, as previously reported. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • Rabbi Kunilemel

    ..According to Jewish law, you can not build above it!!!

    • Arbustin

      They’re not really building a new building above it, they’re gut-renovating what’s already been built.

      • William Wallace

        They’re pretty much building above it. Take away everything but the shell in a gut-demolition, and then what’s the next step? Construction.

        • DABIGJEW

          Bingo. Goes against the Book without a question. You don’t loophole Jewish law.

        • marty56

          Exactly. This man should be ashamed of his money-grabbing ways.

      • Rabbi Kunilemel

        ..Exactly!! building.right Above the synagogue./ RIDICULOUS!


    What a terrible thing that this poor Jewish congregation fell into the hands of Jody Kriss an extortionist, a blackmailer and a gangster.

  • Samgladstone

    Isn’t this the same Jody Kriss who is a front for the Russian Mob

    • William Wallace

      The very same. And to top of all off, I’m sure this is nothing more than “reparations” if you will for using Holocaust survivors in one of his scams. Still not cutting it for the Jewish community.

      • DABIGJEW

        Read about this a while back. Absolutely pathetic crap that this guy is trying to pull and then fly under the radar.

    • 7676767

      A front for the Russian Mob? How would that work exactly?

  • krissisntcool

    Kriss has been hit with more than just that lawsuit. Him and his company have been specifically hit with at least two public lawsuits: Pine v East River Partners and Brun v ERP and Jody Kriss. Look: and Court transcripts and documents don’t lie. Talk about a complete blackout of THAT tidbit of information.

    • Nam1234

      I especially like the explanation in the Pine case where it states that Kriss was specifically given a stop work order by the State of New York, and it was ignored, multiple times. What a douche.

  • Guest1

    This guy is SCUM. I’m surprised the Real Deal is willing to do a positive piece on him after all he’s done to his former business partners and tenants, as well as destroying his own company with his crap reputation.

    • Yaltz

      It looks like there are several positive articles about Kriss in the Real Deal, but they all reference the negative one about him having Lauria beaten up.

      • Butterfinger noulayahand

        Looks like it’s just someone who mentions it in the comments over and over again.

  • Joseph Brun

    Screw this guy. I had to move because of him and his company.

    • Yaltz

      Are you the same Brun from the lawsuit against East River Partners and Jody Kriss?

    • Terry Bryant

      Were you living in the synagogue?

    • Jimmy

      Don’t be mad at Robert Rand. He said it was necessary. “But that would have been tantamount to benign neglect. This was the key to survival.”

  • shalom

    interesting article

  • real deal Neal

    Has anyone see the blueprints?