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Mystery “Developer 1” in Silver case said to be Glenwood’s Leonard Litwin

Federal charges appear to cite state's top political donor
January 22, 2015 03:33PM

The unnamed real estate developer cited in a criminal complaint charging Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with corruption is most likely Glenwood Management’s Leonard Litwin.

Crain’s reported this afternoon that the complaint, in which Southern District U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara accuses Silver of using his political power to line his own pockets with millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks from law firm Goldberg & Iryami, cites an unnamed “Developer 1” who was the largest political donor on the state level since 2005.

The 100-year-old Litwin spent the most money on political donations during that time, as The Real Deal reported. Crain’s also made a connection between Litwin and the $900,000 Developer 1 paid to eight lobbying firms.

The complaint also calls out another developer, “Developer 2,” though this developer’s identity was not immediately clear. Together, 19 buildings owned by the two developers brought in more than 31 percent of Goldberg & Iryami’s revenue in 2011, according to the complaint.


  • Edward Johnson

    So let’s think this through.
    EVERYONE knows the property tax system is broken in NYC. We all know the reason it stays broken is because of corrupt politicians. Now it seems we’ve discovered the issue. Silver gets paid millions of dollars to get people discounts on their taxes – if everyone paid a fair amount, there would be no need to pay Silver the millions.

    With Silver out of the way, we should all push for property tax reform now. Single family home owners should pay their fair share.

    • Integrity

      This is the tip of the iceberg! And now our smart minded mayor just said he was a man of ‘great integrity’ Really you idiot!! Nothing will ever change with people like this running the city.

    • Eric

      Riiight. Raise the individual home owner’s tax burden to 30% of income, just so your rich friends can rip off the commons for even more outrageous exploits.

      Your ilk, would have income-producing properties taxed at a mere fraction of that levied against those home owners who actually live in their homes. Someone else will always be unduly exploited, to make up for the loss of taxing revenues forced by these inequitable schemes.

      Socialize the costs and privatize the profit; no different than any other “corporate welfare” advocate; although in this case, such advocacy may benefit only private individuals.

      • Edward Johnson

        Renters live in their homes too.
        Rent stabilized tenants pay for the tax increases – not the landlords – stabilized rents are a function of expenses, when expenses go up the rent guidelines board increases tenant’s rents to pay for it.
        It’s unreasonable that a renter in the Bronx pays as much for property taxes as a home owner in Manhattan. But that’s the reality of today’s tax system.

  • Oouch

    Leonard Litwin on the stand being questioned by Preet Bharara? “Why did you contribute to Mr. Silver’s campaign? “Who?” “Sheldon Silver the man standing before you as the accused.” “Who?” “Speaker Silver, Sheldon Silver, the accused.” “I haven’t accused him of anything.” “No, but he stands accused by the state.” “Of what?” “Can the court please direct the witness to answer the question?” Judge: “Please answer the question being directed toward you.” “What question?” “Why did you contribute to the campaign of this man?” (pointing at Sheldon Silver, the accused). “Shelly? He said he needed help with his campaign so I gave?” “And what did you expect in return for this contribution?” “What? That I shouldn’t be bothered tomorrow with another phone call asking me to give, I gave already, I gotta go. Can we recess?” “Mr. Litwin!” “I object your honor, my client is a 100 year old man he has been sitting here through the bench and, well he’s 100, he has to go.” “Court is adjourned for half and hour.” “What?” “My client asks if the court could adjourn for a bit longer, it takes him longer to go.” “An hour.” Get ready for a long trial folks. Serpentine Shelly.

  • Tim

    Will decades of tax breaks for Glenwood Management be looked into? Who was Glenwood’s point-man?

  • Kara

    This is huge news that should have Glenwood reeling.

  • Sally Ann

    He paid 900,000 to lobbying firm hope one was not REBNY

  • David Brown

    I’m not sure how a state figure can get NYC government to give tax breaks. If it is influencing a statewide program it would effect hundreds of developers not just Glenwood. I understand lobbying by aan influential state figure but the landlord could do that directly with the NYC folks.

    • Reality Needs a Chance

      David, still trying to cover up feces? REBNY largest contributor to SILVER and CUOMO, they both belong in Jail with all of their appointed flunkies in government. let’s not forget Cuomo’s pay to play with CBRE.

  • Tim

    This all great news! I bet the JETS are smiling since Silver single handily crushed their billion dollar west side stadium plan at the behest of the Dolan Family (Cablevision) who controls MSG. I am surprised that the District Attorney has not investigated this as well.

    To “Integrity”. The mayor is a complete nitwit. Congrats to the citizens of NYC for electing him!

    • Wise King

      Bloomberg and Woody Johnson fought hard for the stadium. They didn’t have a chance going up against the scumbags getting “schmeared” by developers up in Albany

  • Wise King

    Who put the kibosh on Hudson Yards and why?