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The world’s longest elevator commutes

A daily trip down and up 432 Park comes out to 178 miles a year in elevator travel
January 25, 2015 04:00PM

With residential towers reaching ever greater heights, the length of a penthouse dweller’s commute is being stretched.

For instance, when Mumbai’s World One tower is completed in 2016, it will be the tallest purely residential building in the world, topping out at 1,450 feet, according to the Wall Street Journal. That could mean around 200 miles a year in elevator travel, assuming the resident of the top floor takes one trip down and up each day.

At 432 Park Avenue, which rises 1,397 feet, making two round-trips a day would result in around 356 elevator miles each year—the equivalent of two trips out to the Hamptons and back, according to the Journal.

However, despite the intense commute, many of these new super towers use high-speed elevators, which can travel at up 2,000 feet a minute. [WSJ]Christopher Cameron