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Larry Gluck hit with $5B lawsuit by disabled tenant

Plaintiff claims landlord is abusing rent-stabilized tenants by refusing repairs
January 29, 2015 12:24PM

Stellar Management’s Larry Gluck is being hit with a $5 billion lawsuit by a disabled, rent-stabilized tenant, who alleges that the landlord is deliberately letting his Upper West Side apartment building fall into a ghastly state.

Harold Hirsch,  who suffers from paralysis, says in the suit that the 367-unit building at 666 West End Avenue where he has lived for 31 years is now coated in lead paint and asbestos as the result of a gut renovation. Additionally, the suit says water damage has caused toxic mold to build up in his bathroom and kitchen, the New York Post reported.

Hirsch pays $574 a month for his studio apartment in the building, and believes that Gluck is trying to push out rent-stabilized tenants to make room for luxury apartments. Stellar has recently been criticized for segregating building amenities and only allowing market-rate tenants access to a pool and yoga room.

[vision_pullquote style=”1″ align=””] “I”m going to be honest… $5 billion is a lowball. I’m expecting the jury to flip this to $20 to 25 billion before we’re done. [/vision_pullquote]

Hirsch is also suing Cammeby International’s Rubin Schron, though a spokesperson for Schron said that he is not an investor in the building and is expected to be dropped from the suit.

“I”m going to be honest,” said Hirsch. “$5 billion is a lowball. I’m expecting the jury to flip this to $20 to 25 billion before we’re done.”

Gluck is no stranger to tenant litigation. In August, tenants at another Stellar Management-owned building accused the landlord of harassment. In September, Gluck sued the architect of his Hamptons home for allegedly botching the construction. [NYP] — Tess Hofmann



  • Savvy CRE U/Wer

    WTF… is this a typo? B does not equal MM..for someone pays less than my garage bill for a west end apartment

  • LI2NYBroker

    So basically Gluck is trying to evict you and in return you try to make the world’s richest billionaires list.

  • bh

    My building is the same way. i’m not suing anyone for a Billion dollars though. Wouldn’t someone in a state of paralysis be better off living somewhere more suitable to their medical needs? What is this guy holding onto?

  • Koseh Nanat

    LOL….great afternoon humor

  • Oouch

    Isn’t Larry suing his architect for millions because he didn’t understand how to read elevation heights in his blueprint and thought he was getting a taller structure than happens to be the case? Let’s see, which is worse, forcing a tenant to live in toxic mold with lead poisoning or not being able to boast to your neighbor that your chimney is taller than their chimney?

  • Marcos Hardy

    A rent-stabilized apartment. That’s what he’s holding to, and he is in his right.

  • highschoolsearch

    Gluck should be in jail with Bernie Madoff, and I can’t believe no one in the government has the guts to prosecute him! Just like Sheldon silver, Gluck’s time will come, and he will get caught and end up in the slammer!