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LIC rezoning could require affordable housing

The mandate would be a first in NYC
January 30, 2015 05:20PM

Developers may be required to include affordable housing in Queens Plaza and Court Square-area projects as part of a Long Island City rezoning plan being reviewed by the Department of City Planning, a mandate that would be a first in New York City.

Rather than incentivizing developers to build affordable units, the proposed rezoning would provide no incentives and simply state that developers must include affordable housing as a portion of their residential projects, according to the LIC Post.

The agency is currently reviewing about 100 streets in the area, including sections of Jackson Avenue and Northern Boulevard, to determine whether they should be upzoned to promote affordable housing and commercial activity including light manufacturing.

The department will likely present a final proposal for public discussion by the fall, according to John Young, the director of the Queens Office of City Planning. [LIC Post] — Tess Hofmann

  • Moving out

    Would this be legal? Property owners would be forced to build affordable housing? What if a property owner doesn’t want to? Re-education camps, then? Would property owners in SoHo or the Flat Iron District also be required to do so? This is outrageous and I can’t see how it would stand in court.

    • Citi Bike a-go-go

      You don’t think zoning restrictions will hold up in court? Good luck on your move.