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Larry Gluck is not cool with office sex parties

Stellar Management affiliate seeks to evict tenant at 12 East 32nd St.
February 05, 2015 03:10PM

An affiliate of Laurence Gluck’s Stellar Management accused byteLair Inc., a tenant in its Midtown office property, of illegally using the space to host transgender sex parties that would sometimes spill into the lobby and common areas.

In its lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, Hole in One Associates said that its sixth-floor tenant at 12 East 32nd Street rented a traditional office space with desks and computers, but then hung up sheets and room dividers and advertised the space online as a place for “sexual activity by and between ‘transsexual’ and/or ‘transgender’ individuals and/or groups.”

The parties led to sexual activity in the lobby common areas, and there would frequently be groups of people wandering around looking for “the party,” according to the suit.

Vanessa Vance, byteLair’s owner, called the allegations “ridiculous” and “laughable” and said that she would be filing a discrimination suit, the New York Daily News reported. Vance identified herself as a transgender software engineer.

Last month, a rent-stabilized tenant in Stellar’s 666 West End Avenue sued the landlord for $5 billion. In August, Stellar was accused of harassing tenants at 70 West 93rd Street[NYDN]Tess Hofmann

  • John

    Because they didnt invite him. Call Bill Clinton, Im sure hed be ok with the transtesticles.

  • highschoolsearch

    Sue the pants off Gluck. He is a creep.

    • Ryan Serhant

      says someone searching for high schoolers

  • marc

    Gross. Yuck Yuck Yuck

  • Flipoutnyc

    All parties are held in a private, discrete midtown loft with private and group play areas. They always do that. Sex parties in the office instead of the hotel. Its disgusting. The ad said everything.

  • John

    Hes upset because he wasnt invited.

  • highschoolsearch

    Gluck should be in jail, and I can’t believe no one in the government has the guts to prosecute him! Just like Sheldon silver, Gluck’s time will come, and he will get caught and end up in jail!

    • Guest

      Gluck is a scum bag that will end up in jail soon or dead !!!

  • an actual CRE professional

    what are any of you discussing…..this is just a tenant, just like the thousands and thousands other tenants, he has little control on what goes on on-premises, until a breach of lease occurs or unlawful activity is brought to landlords attention. No different than ‘stash house’ for drugs being operated in residential unit, landlord would have no way of knowing until legal charges are brought or they become directly aware of illegal activity.
    Whats really sad is these comments, you would think TRD would garner knowledgeable industry professionals. He is no different, in any way whats soooo ever, than any other equity based CRE developer in manhattan.