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Urban Compass is now just Compass

Venture-backed brokerage rebrands
February 06, 2015 05:25PM

Urban Compass, the real estate brokerage that has raised more than $70 million, is dropping the “Urban” from its name and will henceforth be known as Compass, according to a report.

The news was confirmed by a source close to the company.

The firm is changing its name to create more of a national presence, according to New York Real Estate Report, a website run by Douglas Elliman agent Brian Meier.

Earlier this month, Compass tapped Gene Martinez, formerly of Corcoran Group, to lead an expansion into Miami. Urban Compass also acquired Washington, D.C.-based Lindsay Reishman Real Estate.

The brokerage is also expanding locally. Top Brooklyn agent Lindsay Barton Barrett, who was the Corcoran Group’s No. 1 individual agent in 2013, recently followed several colleagues to Urban Compass. [NY Real Estate Report]E.B. Solomont

  • Mike

    Exceptional brand name!

    • BH

      you’re kidding, right?

      • Mike


  • gngf

    I wonder how much they paid for the domain name ?

    • DR.FUNK

      Easily mid-high 7 figures…if the previous owner has half a brain.

      • BH

        yet another drop in the hate from funds they’ve raised. Funny how they couldn’t support their own growth from sales the agents had made

  • Oouch

    If they drop this name, then they’ll be ‘without a Compass.’ Minimalism has its perils. Seriously, all these name changes could affect their FICO adversely.

  • truth

    They should drop the “comp” as well.

    • john

      Thats hillarious

    • the real truth

      how old are you? 12? bitterness is so ugly…

      • BH

        it’s not bitterness. it is hilarious. this company has had so many changes from it’s original structure, and now it’s changing the name…..come on. if they had been started by a broker without millionaire resources to tap into they wouldn’t be making the news, ever!

  • Curious

    Where can one find the “New York Real Estate Report” site?

    • ez

  • john

    They should bring the red backpacks back.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Pure genius! There’s only a couple of dozen real estate companies across the U.S. with Compass in their name and as their URL. Naming the entity with the simple, stripped-down monicker Compass will help the company blend into pack and reach the obscurity it appears to desire.