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Check out this judgmental map of NYC

Do you live in the land of "Strollers and Bars" or in a "Nuclear Industrial Cesspool?"
February 07, 2015 10:00AM

In March, Untapped Cities posted a Judgmental Map of Manhattan by Joe Larson that poked fun at the city’s “small dogs” and “trust-fund hippies.” Now Larson is back with a more extensive snark-filled map that includes Brooklyn and Queens. Find your ‘hood after the jump.

Here’s the first Manhattan-centric map.

And here’s the new map, which takes a stab at Brooklyn and Queens.

[Untapped Cities] Christopher Cameron

  • Slapintheface

    How about the staff writers at the Real Deal learn how to spell the word “judgmental?” It is not spelled “judgemental.” Goddamn this magazine.

    • BH

      yes, yes, indeed goddamn TRD.

      They do not believe in proofreading

    • Willa Lewis

      It’s optional. British or American spellings are okay.
      You show your ignorance. Pull out a (real) dictionary.



  • Dennis


  • iseedeadpeople

    seems pretty accurate

  • John-Paul

    I’m pretty sure the person who made this map hasn’t spent much time traveling around the NYC metropolitan area – especially relating to the NJ side. Way to just reiterate dated stereotypes and pretend like you’re adding to the conversation.

  • Glory

    Yay I’m with the cultured people lol