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Real estate survey flips gender stereotypes

Men want granite countertops; women want single-story homes
February 16, 2015 03:44PM

From the South Florida website: Men and women want different things when looking to purchase a home. Long-held stereotypes have dictated women look at kitchens and open spaces, while men search for garages and basements.

But results from a National Association of Realtors survey show something different.The 2013 Home Features survey had stereotypes flipped, with men stating modern kitchen appliances are essential, while women were looking for single-level homes, a publication reported.

Men also scored higher for features like granite countertops, kitchen islands and walk-in closets in the master bedroom, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Both genders were close on basements, with 16 percent of men and 13 percent of women citing them as essential.

Men were hesitant to commit, however, with 15 percent saying they planned to stay in their current home forever, while women came in at 24 percent. [WSJ]Sean Stewart-Muniz