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Opie and Anthony’s Gregg “Opie” Hughes buys Trump Place condo

Talk radio host upgrades from another unit in the building to a $6.85M, 5-bedroom pad
By Tess Hofmann | February 19, 2015 01:26PM

SiriusXM radio host Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes of “Opie and Anthony” fame has been through enough change for one year. He revamped his radio career last summer after his co-host Anthony Cumia was fired. But at home, he has opted to remain in Donald Trump’s 200 Riverside Boulevard and trade up for a nicer condo, The Real Deal has learned.

Hughes purchased the five-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom apartment on the tower’s 43rd floor for $6.85 million, and will live there with his wife and two children. The 4,285-square-foot unit features sweeping views of the Hudson River from the living room, kitchen and dining areas, according to the listing.

Douglas Elliman’s Gilad Azaria represented the seller in the transaction. It is unclear who represented Hughes.

SiriusXM fired the “Anthony” half of the famous duo last summer following a series of racially-charged tweets about an alleged incident in which he was punched in Times Square. The firing forced the end of “Opie and Anthony,” which had been a radio mainstay since 1995, excluding a two-year hiatus. However, Hughes shortly resumed the show with comedian Jim Norton as his new partner.

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    • MachFive

      I hope he paid cash. Cause when the Sirius bosses actually listen to how shitty the show is without Herr Cumia, the mortgage might be a tuff nut. But, whaduinow, Op’s been doing radio since he was 18 maaaaaaaan. #toddshow

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