A historic French castle built in 1504 lists for just $5.7M

It even has a moat
By Business Insider | February 21, 2015 11:00AM


Step back in time with this 16th century French chateau just listed for a mere $5.7 million.

Constructed in 1504 for a French cardinal in the commune of Vigny, the castle is just 30 miles from Paris.

Apart from the neo-gothic architecture, many other features survive until the current day. The moat, the six turreted towers, and all the 16th century charm you can stand are all present.

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The spectacular Le Château de Vigny was built for French cardinal Georges d’Amboise in the commune of Vigny, a scant 30 miles north of Paris.

Designed by architect Charles Cazot in the neo-Gothic style, it includes an insane amount of medieval detail.

A moat-turned-water feature surrounds the main structure, but there’s no drawbridge here — two bridges allow visitors access.

Six turrets surround the home’s 37,000 square feet.


The castle wasn’t always this gorgeous. In the ensuing two centuries it fell into disrepair, before being completely renovated in 1867. At that time it also received a chapel and a “dungeon square.”

And here’s a look inside.