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Off the deep end: five insane pools

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March 01, 2015 03:00PM

From cantilevers to 500-foot-long infinity edges, these crazy pools from around the world are more about engineering and architecture than having a swim. Have a look after the jump via Forbes.

1. The Joule, Dallas

This cantilevered pool hangs eight feet beyond the edge of the Dallas hotel’s façade. “On the far end, a glass wall gives you the illusion of swimming off the ledge and onto the street 10 stories below,” Forbes writes.

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This Singapore hotel’s 500-foot-long outdoor infinity-edged pool is enough to give an experienced climber vertigo. It’s one of the world’s largest infinity pools, and it sits on the 57th-floor.

3. Galaxy Macau

The rooftop pool at the Galaxy Macau complex is the world’s largest wave pool, measuring more than 43,000 square feet and pumping out waves as high as five feet.

4. Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali

This Bali hotel’s split-level pool juts out over the rainforest and its curves are designed to mimic the terraced rice paddies native to the Ubud landscape.

5. The Library, Koh Samui

This minimalist pool might be missed except for its apparently cherry-red water. Luckily it is all an illusion made by the reflection of the water of orange, yellow and dark red mosaic tiles. [Forbes]Christopher Cameron