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Chick-fil-A is on the way

The fast food eatery will open its first NYC location at 1000 Sixth Avenue
March 10, 2015 05:30PM

Chick-fil-A, the popular fried-chicken fast food restaurant, is set to open its first ever free-standing New York City franchise at 1000 Sixth Avenue in Midtown.

The new three-story outpost at the corner of 37th Street will span 5,000 square feet and boast 10 registers, more than at any other Chick-fil-A location. Though the eatery has never had a free-standing location in New York City before, it does operate a small outpost in a New York University facility. The next closest location is in Paramus, N.J., according to Crain’s.

“We are beyond excited about opening our first freestanding restaurant in New York,” said Carrie Kurlander, Chick-fil-A’s vice president of public relations. “This location will allow us to serve fans who have been asking us to come to New York and to earn the opportunity to serve new customers.”

Chick-fil-A has attracted media attention in the past for some of its unusual policies, such as being closed on Sundays, and for CEO Dan Cathy’s outspoken views against same-sex marriage. Cathy has since said that he will choose not to mix his personal feelings on social issues with business. The new location will, like all other locations, be closed on Sundays.

The buiding is owned by the Cohen family, which was represented by Jack Terzi of JTRE Holdings. Chick-fil-a was represented by Jeremy Ezra of RKF. [Crain’s] — Tess Hofmann


  • john alen

    chick fil A what a shit hole

  • Sammy

    jack is killing it

    • Jess Cox

      if you mean the heart and soul of nyc you are right

  • Jess Cox

    i hope it bombs

    • Jess Cox


    • Marc

      You should bet against that.

      • Jess Cox

        naw not a fair wager

  • Tim


  • gross

    worst tenant ever.

  • EricUWS

    Complete garbage. Embarrassed that such establishments exist n Manhattan.

    • Marc

      Do your prefer higher priced places that make Liberals feel so fuzzy & warm?
      You are “embarrassed”? LOL

      • Jess Cox

        No, actually we just don’t want these kind of establishments in our City – we can do better than this – and this owner’s politics do not belong in a place that people come here to escape from small mindedness.

  • queue

    queue the picketers

  • L


  • R

    Well, that takes guts – and I don’t mean chicken!

  • Charles Dale

    The majority of people who have eaten in Chik-fil-A have said it is very good. I am glad that is is coming here in New York.