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Here’s how China built a skyscraper in under 3 weeks: PHOTOS

Modular blocks allow developer to build an astonishing three stories per day
March 10, 2015 03:30PM

The United States is eating China’s dust when it comes to speed of construction. Broad Sustainable Building, a modular construction company, has achieved the incredible feat of building a 57-story skyscraper in just 19 days.

The architect, Xian Min Zhang, said that the building, located in Changsha, China has 800 apartments, office space to accommodate 4,000 workers and 19 ten-meter high atriums, Curbed reported.

The building is reportedly energy efficient, as it uses quadruple-paned glass that should reduce CO2 emissions by 12,000 tons. The astonishing speed is due to the modular blocks used and allows the developers to add up to three stories per day.  [Curbed] — Tess Hofmann

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  • queue

    yeah, and if the thing falls down with people in it – no problem, they have many more…

  • Pat Pete

    I will take the under on three years for it falling down.

    $2 an hour seems like a lot.

    How many people died during the build.

    I do like the modular concept though it has been a failure in NYC thus far:

  • Guest

    These negative comments must be from people in the industry who realize the Chinese are dominating American builders. Watch the video that Pat Pete posted. This is amazing.

  • New Man

    They were definitely working 24/7; you can see that its nighttime while work is going on.
    Lets see; Working 24/7= 456 hours in 19 days.
    456 hours in standard western workweeks (40 hours) is 11.4 weeks, almost 3 months.
    So, its really 3 months to build. Still impressive, but not 19 days.

  • David Brown

    Given the reputation fof Chinese construction I would want to see full inspection reports and go back two-five years later and see how it is holding up. That being said it is a significant achievement and certainly a omen for the future of modular construction. I recognize Chinese construction costs don’t relate to North American costs but is there any information on the cost of construction of this project relative to a similar building in China built using conventional methods?