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News Corp. to exploit “potential mayhem” at Zillow, Trulia’s new parent company sees opportunity to get an edge
March 10, 2015 12:10PM

The Zillow-Trulia merger could throw the listings site powerhouses off their game and create an opening for a new competitor, according to Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp., which recently acquired 

News Corp. purchased last year for $950 million, just in time to see the two of biggest market dominators for listings sites, Zillow and Trulia, have their merger approved by the Federal Trade Commission in February.

While currently trails both Zillow and Trulia, Thomson sees the merger as a boon to his site. “As Zillow and Trulia consolidate and try to work out exactly what they are, it’s a real moment for us to try and take advantage of that,” he told an audience at Deutsche Bank’s 23rd Annual Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in West Palm Beach, Fla., according to Capital New York.

“We’re very conscious of potential mayhem at the competitors,” he said, adding that he expects to be able to acquire talent from Trulia over the next six to eight months. [Capital NY] — Tess Hofmann


  • Jec

    Trulia is one of he worst companies I have ever worked for. Biggest scam I have ever witnessed. They teach their sales staff to flat out lie.

  • Michael J

    Actually, I’ve heard from friends that are both at Trulia and Zillow that not only are they not fighting, they are working in harmony across both Seattle and San Francisco to launch their products 10x faster than they were before since now they don’t have to waste engineering time on redundant pieces. They love it there now.

    • hmmmm

      so they can find additional ways to force agents to pay for impressions on their own listings.

      their information in listings is so off…….seriously outdated and their property estimates are often ridiculous.

  • Cade

    NYC brokers are not realtors. That sight means nothing in our market. Streeteasy is the only relevant site for NYC.

    • hmmmmm

      what about OLR ?

      Also, that is not true. Manhattan agents will not find it necessary to join the NAR.

      There are plenty of brokers who never set foot in Manhattan for real estate that are members of the NAR.

  • Oouch

    Corporations are brokers too . . . really, really, stupid ones it turns out.