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Town pulls in Citi Habitats vet Antonio del Rosario

Longtime agent is bringing six-member team
By E.B. Solomont | March 11, 2015 02:00PM

A longtime Citi Habitats team led by Antonio del Rosario and Jack Elliot Heard decamped to Town Residential.

The J + A Equities team, which includes del Rosario, Heard and five others, is joining Town’s Greenwich Village office under sales and leasing manager Julia Miller.

To date, Town claims that the team has sold $1 billion worth of real estate, including $34 million last year.

Del Rosario is a veteran agent who started at Citi Habitats in 2003 and was sales director of the company’s West and East Village territories. He subsequently did stints at Barak Realty and A.C. Lawrence, where he was sales director. He returned in 2010 to Citi Habitats, which was founded in 1994 by Town CEO Andrew Heiberger. (Heiberger and Citi Habitats President Gary Malin were college roommates.) In 2004, Heiberger sold the firm to NRT, parent company of the Corcoran Group and itself a subsidiary of Realogy, for a reported $49.6 million.

Heard, a native of England, joined Citi Habitats in 2012. Also joining them is Jennifer Chapman, Sylvia Rebecca Lee, Kevin Hon Sing Tsun, Danny Agmon and Wagner Oliveira.

  • Only the Truth

    Are you guys kidding, Antonio????? he is a BS number one in the world, he barely sold 3 apartments in his life…wow he really know how to lie. A Clown

  • meh

    Are we talking dollars or yen? A billion?

    • WhatAWorld

      a billion dollar of what?? are we kidding!!!! Pathological Liar

  • unreal

    He was not he sales director of the East Village branch because he lied on his employer application. The only thing true in this article is his name.

    • Unreal2

      not sure even if his name is real!

  • what are you thinking

    This is very embarrassing for Town. Not a good move putting this press release out on the hiring of this joker. WOW

  • this is too funny

    This guy hasn’t changed a bit. He brings lying to a new level. I worked with him for years, a billion dollars my a**. Town, you need to a better job of vetting these shity hirers before you send this out to the press.

  • Wow

    I know this guy for a while now. I have to give him credit on How did he manage to pull this stunt again, ” 1 Billion” sales….wow he manages to bring lying to the next level. this beats all of his past BS. Congrats Antonio on this new lying chapter of your life. Big Questions is how did Town agree to publicize this…

  • 1 Billion My Ass – Haha

    This is so ridiculous, I don’t even know where to begin. Citi Habitats does not want him, he was basically kicked in the arse to move faster out the door. Town continues to take Citi Rejects, but blatantly lie in a press release is a new low. I didn’t think this was even possible.

  • john reylan

    there is no way Town would hire this guy and make an announcement like this without doing research. They are too smart for this.

    • WRONG

      You are very wrong my friend. This entire article is a lie.

    • The Real Truth

      Yup. He is the the real deal!!!! Known him a long time and did deals with him.

  • Research

    This was a huge mistake and whoever approved the release of this made a really bad judgement call and did NOT do their homework. This is guy is dirty, and a pathological lier. The entire article gives the business a bad name and i find it so hard to believe that with all the ex citi managers that are at Town, no one spoke up and said anything. crazy

    • Stand up guy

      All the ex Citi Habitats managers at Town spoke up and fought to get his team over. I know Antonio and his integrity is unquestionable. His team loves him and so do many including me. Why would anyone follow him if they don’t make money with him????? Go Antonio!!!!!

  • Disgusting

    This article is discusting and Town should pull it down and fire whoever released it.

  • hmmmmm

    is every comment on this thread the same individual angrily making multiple statements?

  • antonio what?

    Never done business with him because he has no business. Talks like a drug dealer on the phone as well. Citi Habitats 1 Town O

    • Best broker I met

      He and his team are listing machines. I did a deal with him and he is the most professional broker you will ever meet.

  • R.P

    These comments sound like sour grapes to me. I’ve worked with Antonio on many occasions and over the past 8 years he has became a role model for me in the industry. Although I am no longer in the active in real estate, I know that moving his career to Town is a great decision. Citi Habitats cannot compete. Antonio is the caliber of broker that is a perfect fit for a big player like town. Go Anto! R.P

  • Downtown NYC Broker

    Ignore the haters Antonio!!!!! Go to $2 Billion!!!!!!

  • townFLUFF

    this guy is not a good broker, he is a liar, fake listings, bait and switch. typical of Town smoke & mirrors as usual. All fluff no depth….