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UES neighbors battle over just 1 foot of real estate

The millionaire 92nd Streeters are now duking it out in court
March 14, 2015 11:00AM

Two families of multi-millionaires are feuding over just one foot of real estate on the Upper East Side.

The fight began back in 2012, when Soros Fund Management partner Ravi Yadav and his wife, Suzanne, paid $8.1 million for a townhouse at 63 East 92nd Street. Straightaway the couple began renovating the 3,535-square-foot property, a process that replaced a black iron fence surrounding their neighbors’ stoop, which decades ago had been installed on their property, according to the New York Post.

But fence was owned by their neighbor Philippe Delouvrier, the son of French economist Paul Delouvrier, and he objected to the Yadav’s choice of new fencing material. After negotiations broke down, Delouvrier allegedly claimed to own the 12 inches of property because he has used it for 20 years.

“It’s a lawsuit over a few inches! It’s ridiculous!’’ the defendants’ lawyer, Adam Leitman Bailey, told the Post.

However, Delouvrier’s architect, Andrew Pollock, says in court papers that “any tampering with the enclosed stoop…would destroy the character of the front entrance.” [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • ivan kalchen

    I would say that having seen everything in this niche there aren’t many thing that can really suprise me. But I was wrong because the real estate niche has never been more unpredictable and the condition of it is getting worse. There might be some people who can benefit from it but they can be counted on fingers. And even KJK Estes and confirmed it.

  • Rico Ruiz

    Rich people problems.They will both probably end up paying more in attorney fees over the mere 12 inches in dispute than if they just came to a reasonable solution among themselves. I should have gone to law school.