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Stop Work: Kitchen table-sized plexiglas falls from One57

This is the third such incident at project in less than a year
March 17, 2015 09:34AM

Gary Barnett’s Extell Development was hit with a stop-work order at One57 after a 4-by-4 sheet of plexiglas fell from the building over the weekend, hitting two parked cars. No one was injured.

The plexiglas fell at 5:15 p.m. on Sunday night, according to the Wall Street Journal. The incident marks the third time that glass or plexiglas has fallen from the luxury tower, which is expected to complete construction within a few months. In late February, glass from One57  landed on a neighbor’s terrace, and last May, a windowpane also fell from the 22nd floor, landing in the street.

“We have been miraculously lucky that there hasn’t been any casualties or serious injuries,” Layla Law-Gisiko, who heads the local community board’s task force about concerns that Billionaires’ Row towers are casting shadows over the park, told the Journal.

“Glass is not falling from the building nor are windows falling from the building,” a spokesperson for Extell and its construction manager Lend Lease said. “This was a straight piece of Plexiglas, not glass related to the curved facade, which became dislodged.”

In January, the Department of Buildings issued a stop-work order at Macklowe Properties’  432 Park Avenue after an eight-foot-long pipe fell from the 81st story. [WSJ] — Tess Hofmann

  • Two57

    All these problems are a sign that this truly hideous building should never have been built in the first place.

  • Citi Bike a-go-go

    “This was a straight piece of Plexiglas, not glass related to the curved facade, which became dislodged.” That would feel much better landing on my head.

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex

      This is truly a weird response! What in God’s name was their spokesperson thinking when he/she put this zinger out?

    • Guest

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  • DillardStone

    The falling plexiglass completely destroyed the rear windshield of one of the cars. It looked like a couple of bowling balls had smashed it in. Extell’s disingenuous response is both predictable and infuriating, and shows how little they actually care about safety. These repeated incidents of glass and other materials falling from Extell’s One57 MUST STOP.

  • savpr

    Thank god no one was hurt. Hopefully they will wrap it up without further incident. Being a re bkr I am a fan of all these new condos. If anything there should be too many luxury condos on the market then too few. If someone has 8 figures to put down on a luxury condo in NYC, it’s insane for them not to be able to find anything. Most other major hubs around the world are already there, why not NYC?

  • Being a re bkr I’m a fan of these new buildings. If someone wants to invest 8 figures into a luxury condo in NYC is doesn’t make sense for them not to be able to. They can in most other major cities. Why not NYC? I’d rather there be too many like this, then not enough.