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PETA condemns alleged cat-killer Robert Durst

Judge Susan Criss says she believes Durst left a severed cat head at her doorstep
March 21, 2015 02:00PM

The notorious animal welfare organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is taking Robert Durst to task, comparing him to the likes of Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer and the “Boston Strangler.”

Yesterday, it was reported that judge Susan Criss, who oversaw Durst’s Texas murder case, believes that Durst put a severed cat head on her doorstep.

Criss, who appears in the HBO series “The Jinx,” found the cat head on her stoop after Durst was acquitted of the murder of his neighbor, whom he admitted to dismembering.

Soon after the news broke, Martin Mersereau, PETA’s senior director of the “Emergency Response Team,” released the following statement:

“A decapitated cat is right out of the playbook of serial killers, including the Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert DeSalvo (the “Boston Strangler”). Animal abusers are deeply disturbed bullies and cowards who victimize the most vulnerable, defenseless individuals available to them—human or nonhuman. If the latest allegations about Robert Durst are true, PETA can point to his case as yet another reminder that acts of cruelty to animals must always be taken with the utmost seriousness and met with swift intervention and prosecution—for everyone’s sake.”  [PETA]Christopher Cameron