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Council member proposes housing at Inwood rail yard

Rezoning would transform the area into a "technology community"
March 24, 2015 08:30AM

After the success of the High Line and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to build housing on top of the Sunnyside rail yard in Queens, a City Council member is now proposing to rezone a rail yard in the Inwood neighborhood in Northern Manhattan in hopes of transforming the area into a tech hub.

Council member Ydanis Rodriguez proposed a rezoning of a 100-acre manufacturing area at the 207th Street rail yard, according to Crain’s. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority owns the the property, Which Is Located Between 10th Avenue and the Harlem River as well as 207th and 215th streets.

The councilman hopes that a rezoning would transform the neighborhood into a “technology community,” the publication reported, that would include residential, commercial and retail development.

“We applaud (Councilman) Rodriguez’ leadership. We look forward to working with his office and the community to bring much-needed affordable housing and economic development opportunities to this vibrant neighborhood,” the mayor’s office responded in a statement to Crain’s.

The plan would need approval from Governor Andrew Cuomo. Rodriguez told Crain’s that he doesn’t expect a lot of resistance against his idea. “No one has to be displaced from the area,” he told the publication. “It can be a win-win situation.”

The rail yard serves the A, C and 1 subway lines. It also serves as a storage facility for old subway cars. [Crain’s] — Claire Moses


  • eatingdogfood

    Yeah, High Tech in Inwood !!! Sure !!!

  • Realest Minority

    by far the dumbest idea

  • Realest Minority

    sunnyside is never gonna happen neither is this waste of time lets focus on fixing the mta

  • running_bond

    Missing the forest for the trees here. It’s not really about the rail yard, which would be a huge cost to deck over. Maybe one day, but unless a soccer stadium owned by billionaires shows up (hmmmn, NYCSC?) it won’t happen anytime soon. And the tech bent is just political hot air.

    But what could happen soon, and what is the bulk of this proposal, is to rezone the C-8 areas north of the rail yard. That useless automotive zoning has no place in Manhattan 2015 and has already been pierced by a hospital and two schools. It needs to go, asap, and be replaced with mixed-use development that makes better use of the under-utilized #1 subway station.