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Manhattan beep steps into dispute between JDS, union

Gale Brewer writes letter to Michael Stern about safety “concerns”
March 25, 2015 10:15AM

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is getting involved in a dispute between the city’s construction union and Michael Stern’s JDS Development.

JDS, in partnership with Property Markets Group, is planning to build one of New York’s tallest towers without the help of any unionized labor. Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, has said that JDS hires “irresponsible subcontractors,” according to Capital New York.

The workers JDS uses, according to the union leader, have had  “no safety training,” the magazine reported.

Now, Brewer has also sent a letter to Stern, stating that she has “concerns” about safety. The letter also implied that JDS doesn’t treat its employees well, according to Capital.

A JDS spokesperson didn’t comment on the letter, but said that Brewer referred to complaints, rather than actual violations with the Department of Buildings, according to the website.

“As a developer, you have a legal as well as ethical obligation to comply with safety rules, and to employ contractors and sub-contractors that adequately train, protect and compensate their workers,” the Manhattan beep wrote in a letter dated February 20 and cited by Capital. Brewer also alleges a lack of safety at construction sites in the letter, which could “put lives in jeopardy.”

JDS is planning an 80-story tower at 111 West 57th Street. At 1,400 feet, the tower would stand taller than nearby One57 and 432 Park.

Public Advocate Letitia James sent a letter voicing similar concerns to JDS in January. [Capital NY] — Claire Moses

  • TwoPieceAndBiscuit

    Union shakedown.

    • CondoMan

      nonsense. 432 Park (union) was hit w/ stop work orders for falling debris. The
      St. Vincent condo downtown where a woman was killed a week ago is non-union.
      There is zero evidence that building union is any safer, yet if there happens
      to be an accident here it will be immediately blamed on use of non-union labor.
      Just another politician in the pocket of the union masquerading as something

      • Condoman

        Sorry, meant St. Vincent is being built with Union labor, not non-union.

  • AMD

    One57 uses union labor. So far glass, sheets of plexiglass and cranes have come down.

    • Guest

      sounds like everything OK then , lol

  • Pat Pete

    If he completes this project without union labor and no major incidents than the Unions are on serious shaky ground. The union better stock up on inflatable rats because they will be lacking business.

  • Tim

    Complete nonsense.

  • Unions are so over….

    New York City politics still stuck in the 70s and 80s Union/Mob fantasy land.
    Get over it!

  • Nomoremaos

    Little wonder it takes years from design through construction to complete a large scale project in the US. U could build the same building in China in 10 months.