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Turkish developer Nef debuts in NYC with pencil-thin tower

The 65-unit building would feature five clusters of shared amenities
March 28, 2015 12:00PM

A new pencil-thin residential tower proposed for Midtown would feature built-in parks, which its designers say “will make it like a vertical West Village street.”

12 East 37th Street, the yet-to-be-named tower, would rise 700 feet and would include five common spaces.

“You’re never really four or five floors away from a common space,” Robert Goodwin, the design director at Perkins+Will, which is handling the project, told Bloomberg News.

Turkish development firm Nef is behind the tower, which would minimize living quarters in exchange for amenities, such as common bedrooms that residents can reserve for out-of-town guests.

The 65 apartments would range from 400-square-foot studios to 1,800-square-foot floor-throughs, according to Bloomberg. No word yet as to when the project might break ground, but construction is expected to be completed in 2017.

[Bloomberg News] Christopher Cameron

  • Perry

    In regard to Parks, Nothing like the real thing. Building does not appear to look safe
    To me. Must have huge loss factor.

    • Guest

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    • Sean

      Perry, where did you get your degree in Architecture from? How many units were you going to purchase in this building? The loss is their’s considering you won’t be buying multiple full floor units…

  • Perry

    No interest in finding out if the building is safe. Probably under elevated and may sway in the wind

  • Brenda

    Imagine a resident trying to reserve a common area guest bedroom for their visitor who is planning a visit to NY. They will be probably be on a waiting list, like a 3 year wait, for all the residents reserving for their guests. It will be like living squished.

  • spiro1976

    It may work in the midtown market considering foreign buyers may snap them up for investment purposes.

  • SombreroMucho

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  • New Man

    Can you please define how thin is “pencil-thin”?
    You know, follow up on the headline, and provide actual numbers.