New city task force to focus on park shadows

Council member proposed bill to tackle "looming threat of shadows falling on on our parks"

TRD New York /
Mar.March 31, 2015 09:11 AM

Council member Mark Levine is planning to create a task force that will focus on the issue of park shadows caused by tall, new developments.

In an interview with Capital New York, the council member called the issue the “looming threat of shadows falling on our parks from the rising number of skyscrapers.” Especially around Central Park, where the new spires on “Billionaire’s Row” have cast multiple shadows over the park, residents have complained.

Levine’s proposed bill aims to ignite a conversation about the issue and to explore “possible solutions,” Levine told the website.

The parks commissioner, the city planning commission chair as well as representatives from other city departments would join the task force, which would meet at least twice a year. The task force would also be responsible for tracking new and future developments that may cast more shadows on parks in the city and look for solutions.

According to Levine, a park with fewer shadows is in developers’ own best interest.

“Developers want parks to remain vibrant places,” he told the news site. [Capital NY] Claire Moses


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