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Julia Roberts asks $29.8M for Hawaiian beachfront estate

Roberts paid just $14 million in 2011 for the home
April 11, 2015 12:00PM

From Luxury Listings NYC: A two-acre Hawaiian beachfront estate owned by actress Julia Roberts has hit the market for $29.8 million. [more]


  • John Dilbeck

    Only a fool would pay that much for that property.
    Julia lost a lot of money in the last year due to her major efforts to cover up her guilt and responsibility for her sister Nancy’s death, which she is responsible for. Julia was caught in the lie when she claimed Nancy was a drug addict and enfluenced the meadia to say the same but the Coroners report proved all of Julia’s claims to be false.
    Nancy’s friends and loved ones know the truth and continue to tell the same story despite Julia’s camp’s efforts to cover it up as if it was only a roomer. Julia knows the evidence is going to come out so she will try her best to make as much money before that time and discredit anyone who claims otherwise, while trying to appear as if she has moral integrity or family value.
    Beware, Julia and her older sister Lisa are responsible for the torment and death of their sister and they will continue to harm others.