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421a protesters rally against PSG development

Politicians and locals gathered against the controversial building at 626 Flatbush Avenue
April 12, 2015 11:00AM

A controversial Prospect-Lefferts Gardens development attracted protesters this week, angered over both the luxury project and the 421a tax abatement program.

The Alliance for Tenant Power staged the rally against the 254-unit residential building at 626 Flatbush Avenue Thursday, according to Curbed. Around 75 protestors attended and politicians Diana Richardson and Shirley Patterson both spoke at the event.

Protesters are alarmed that only 51 of 254 units were deemed “affordable.” A studio apartment in the building will cost roughly $1,900 a month.

“[626 Flatbush] is going to be a luxury development in the middle of a neighborhood that is working class,” said Delsenia Glover, who leads the Alliance for Tenant Power. “And folks are afraid of escalating rents and displacement. We believe that 421-a leads to gentrification and is a program that’s outlived its usefulness.”

In February, developer Hudson Cos. won a massive court battle brought against it by several neighborhood coalitions, which accused Hudson of cheating to pass an environmental review process. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron

  • Charles Dale

    Another luxury development in a working class neighborhood. Build AFFORDABLE housing. That is what people need. Not a luxury development to put money in the pockets of the developer. Affordable housing In Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, upstate, all over. Mr.Levitt built more than 17,000 cheap, brand new houses for the servicemen coming out of military service. All you needed was a $100 down payment on a $14,000 brand new home. They were built well with quality material and he did this cause he knew the military guys had no money to buy a house. Those homes are still there today. THIS is what we need all over. Affordable apts. and houses. People would LOVE this and be so grateful.

    William J. Levitt, 86, Pioneer of Suburbs, Dies –…/william-j-levitt-86-pioneer-of...
    The New York Times
    Jan 29, 1994 – In 1947, Mr. Levitt created Levittown, L.I, where in the next four years, his firm, Levitt & Sons, built more than 17,000 cheap, nearly identical

    • Guest

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    • BH

      have you seen the price of land lately?

      • Charles Dale

        Yes, I have seen the price of everything lately and the gap between the rich and poor is at its widest point since the Great Depression. When the gap is that large, it is not good for the economy or the people with the exception of the top 1%. This will not end well unless something is done to bring the 2 extremes closer together. An article right at this website said that a lot of real estate in New York is being bought by rich, foreign nationals who do not even live in the condos they buy but just use them as an investment and they remain empty for years even though somebody owns them. Meanwhile, the middle class and lower, who have lived here for years, can’t find affordable housing and an article written had an undercover reporter find that in homeless shelters, there are people who are there with full time jobs but they can’t find affordable housing. Story after story here reports about luxury buildings being built but very little for the middle class. We care about money, not people. Give poor people millions and real estate agents etc. would be falling all over them, take the money away and no one cares anymore. The money counts, not the person. We have made money our god long ago and it is no good.